Friday, February 19, 2010

The Burden of Greatness

It's awards season. The Golden Globes. SAGs. Grammys. CMAs. BAFTAs. Funky Monkeys. And I have just been anointed with One Lovely Blog Award by Tiny Elvis. Thank you, Ms. Elvis.  As part of my punishment I am to reveal ten things about myself you might not know. After which I will pretend to present this award to some other unsuspecting bloggers who are required by law to do the same.
So here goes:
1. I sound a lot younger on the phone. This can cause problems. Really.  
2. I would rather eat sushi than chocolate cake. But not chocolate sushi.  
3. The opening in my ears is so tiny that earbuds always fall out. Round peg. Square hole. 
4. The Breakfast Club and Groundhog Day may be my two favorite movies.
5. My honeymoon was a horse round up. [This may be news to a couple of people].
6. Because I can often do things with either hand, i.e., bat right, throw left, golf right, play tennis left, iron both ways, same with a mouse -- sometimes I can't tell if I'm doing something right or left-handed. For instance, crocheting. I naturally do it right-handed. I didn't know that until I saw someone do it left-handed. [Yep, that's me sitting in my rocker making doilies].
7. I don't care which way the toilet paper hangs. [There's a joke in there trying to get out].
8. I was the tetherball champion [girls AND boys] at my junior high. 
9. I cannot watch horror movies. 
10. I've been told that I'm cool under pressure, but I can't watch anything tense on television. I'll change the channel or walk out of the room. 
     Now it's time to slap the fickle finger of fame on some other people. Here, in no particular order are some blogs I'd like to pimp: oh wait, the Olympics are still on -- sorry, you'll have to wait until tomorrow morning.
     All right, here's what I'm going to do. Since I HATE doing lots of links, here's ONE that takes you to my profile and the entire list of blogs I follow. Each and every one of you should consider yourselves PUNK'D, I mean PIMPED. 
     Or -- leave a link to your blog in the comments. 


Chris said...

Now I'm picturing you crocheting when the local authorities burst in your door, guns drawn for their welfare check!

Remo said...

#1 is probably a good thing. Most women you're age have to give up the phone-sex business. Good for you.

Anna said...

I crochet too. But I am left handed and it is always hard for anyone to teach me.

I will be posting my 10. I know. It will snow tonight in the Valley of the Sun. LOL

Tiny Elvis said...

Chocolate is overrated. I'd pick the sushi too.