Thursday, February 4, 2010

Support Your Local Author

Apparently there is a major dust up between Amazon and a book publisher, Macmillan. So Amazon has de-listed all of Macmillan's books. Obviously this affects Macmillan's bottomline.
     But, while this asinine behavior is technically between Amazon and the publisher, their battle really screws Macmillan's authors, big-time, in a number of different ways. 
     Read about the collateral damage to the authors at John Scalzi's blog HERE.
     He suggests we start buying we books someplace else online. YES!  AMAZON HAS COMPETITION!!!! Who knew? 
     There are many places you can link to for your books: you can go directly to the publisher's site, for instance: Macmillan is HERE. 
     Other booksellers online include Barnes and Noble -- they take PayPal. 
     There’s Powell’s. IndieBound.  
     Also Books-a-million
     Be sure to read the comments in Scalzi's blog for even more ideas of how your checkbook can be heard. [What's with the #($*#$&#( doublespacing?] 


Remo said...


p.s. Happy Nutella Day!

Donna said...

I only buy used books at anyhow, so I'm never any help to the authors.