Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Social Networking -- The Triumph of Evil

I like to go to movies during the off hours. I also like to go alone if it's a movie I'm really interested in because I don't like any distractions. Okay, kinda creepy. But for a good flick I always try to go when the place is mine all mine except for an occasional old couple down in front. That way I can pretend I'm a Hollywood mogul sitting in my media room with the elderly housekeeper and her husband who got the evening off because I'm such a kind and benevolent boss. 
          Lately, except for Fridays and Saturdays, it's looking like the movie theaters are fairly to mostly empty all the time. Why? Considering that one movie costs $9 bucks with the senior citizen discount [$10 without it] and for just a little more I can stream as many movies/tv shows as I want each month on my computer with Netflix, there's almost no reason to hit the cineplex anymore. Especially since you also don't have to pay much more for unlimited dvds you can watch in your home media center. Which in my case is a 30-something inch tv monitor with a handy, built-in VHS player and my SONY dvd player perched on top. 
          So the movie biz has got to be taking a mudbath. I saw Social Networking last night with seven other people in a theater that holds hundreds. Maybe no one was there because it was Monday. Or since the movie has been out forEVER, nobody was there because most people have already seen it. But none of the other 13 theaters had anybody in them either. I smell discounted prices. And soon. 
          Even worse, the only place they were selling popcorn, nachos and cheese, seven kinds of sugary drinks, 28 different types of candy, and Vienna hot dogs was on the main floor. Which I found annoying since my theater was upstairs and the upstairs place was closed. 
          Another interesting aspect [for me] watching Social Networking was that the twin Harvard rowers, whose idea Mark the Nutberger stole, were played by one guy, Armie Hammer, grandson of Armand Hammer, the philanthropist for whom Arm and Hammer is named. Kidding. About the Arm and Hammer part. Watching one guy play twins and getting to see Justin Timberlake acting. He wasn't bad.
          How's that for a scintillating movie review?

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IT said...

I'm skin titillated.
Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I went to a movie. And I like movies.