Sunday, January 2, 2011

Three Years Old and Counting

I went to a three year old boy's birthday party yesterday. This is the truck and train phase of the Y chromosome, which will be followed shortly by the dinosaur period. The event was a Thomas the Tank Engine theme party. Throughout the afternoon, I kept confusing Thomas with Bob the Builder, because I don't have any Y chromosomes [not for lack of trying]. Let's face it, all those guys with tool belts and gun belts look alike to me.  
     Despite every effort by the moms and grandmoms to follow the prescribed Thomas Tank Engine theme -- which included everything from the tablecloth through the balloons and presents, including Thomas' signature pjs and plenty of story books -- there was one exception to the required decor: a Snoopy candle that has been at every one of the birthday boy's father's thirty-something celebrations. I guess now the Snoopy candle will be making an additional yearly appearance at the son's birthdays.

     You might think after all these years the candle would be down to a nub, but the only time Snoopy has ever had its wick fired up is for the minute or so during the singing of Happy Birthday followed by the extinguishing of the candles. So there's plenty of wax left for future parties.
There were also the usual helium filled balloons from a Hallmark store, which were dragged from room to room with the kind of enthusiasm you might expect from a three year old celebrant. The video doesn't seem to want to load, so you may never get to hear the sounds of the "world's cutest, most adorable" little boy and his cousin, as they raced through the condo, running and screaming with youthful exuberance and not a little noise. 
        I can also personally vouch for the delicious taste of the birthday cake, which was the latest in red velvet baking with a cream cheese frosting. We also had cheese, mushroom or pepperoni pizza and a choice of spinach or Caesar salad to insure that proper nutrition was adhered to, as much as pizza and salad can provide goodness and nourishment. 

Looks like the video loaded after all, so you can glimpse a brief few seconds of toddler excitement after all. When was the last time you squealed with excitement about ANYTHING?  


Wil said...

A cute little rug rat, that. I can't remember screaming in delight anytime in the last 55 years. Fright, oh yes. But not in delight.

Des and Evan's big daddy said...

How bizarre-we had a party the same day for our oldest boy. Same age, same theme, same presents. No Snoopy candle though.

Mrs. L said...

OMG -- things do get cosmic here at Mrs. L's place.

blondecoffeebean said...

Had to giggle at your spot on observation of the little boy phase: trucks and trains to dinosaur. I've also found Lego's to be a staple in every stage of a boy's life.

I was hoping to see a picture of the Snoopy candle!

Mrs. L said...

Snoopy is posted!