Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So you tell me. Take a look at this aerial photograph of the huge house that was built on the property behind me. It's the one in the middle/top. Does it look like its footprint is only 45% of the property as it claims to be? Or more than the limit of 50%? 
          According to the village the footprint includes everything -- the house, the garage, patio, porches, and all the ground covered by cement. There are other definitions of "footprint" which don't include driveways, porches or patios. But, based on my conversation with the powers that be in my town, the "footprint" is all inclusive. Looks like a size 22 hiking boot trying to squeeze into a size six dance shoe. The large houses recently built to the right and left are also part of the problem. But the one in middle is causing most of the issues. 

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