Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Illinois Child Abuse Law Not Good Enough

I wanted to know the statute of limitations in Illinois for charging someone with sexual abuse of a child. As you can see, even the criminal statute has all kinds of exceptions. You can view the website where I found this info HERE.

Frankly, I think there should be no statute of limitations for any kind of child sexual abuse. I think we can take a lesson from more forward thinking Wyoming on the value of removing the statute of limitations to protect our children. Bill Bricker would have gone to his grave with his reputation bright and shiny without Wyoming's invaluable help.

I was hoping that the Illinois statute of limitations for people who enable sexual predators [i.e., ignore complaints] was unlimited. But, you'll notice that the statute runs out eighteen years after a victim's 20th birthday. 

Meanwhile, Wyoming is apparently going after the people who chose to ignore direct complaints from Bricker's victims.  

Because, thanks to their unfettered statute of limitations, they can. 

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