Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Numbers Game

One of my relatives is big into Chinese numerology. He also wears aluminum foil hats to repel the people who are trying to end his life with microwaves. Coincidence? I think not. Apropos of that, I have noticed a strange alignment of numbers in my life.

Today, February 21st, for instance, would have been my 45th wedding anniversary. After the wedding and reception, my ex and I drove East to visit relatives so I could show him off. On our way we spent the night at the George Washington Motel somewhere in Pennsylvania, on February 22nd, George's birthday. I just threw that in there for entertainment.

Turns out I just learned that one of my cousins passed away. And I noticed his birthday was listed as February 21st. Same as my wedding anniversary. Ooo. Cosmic.

Other coincidental numbers -- my dad died on the 8th of August. My sister's birthday is the 8th of August. My daughters were born on the 11th of their respective birth months. One of their grandmas was also born on the 11th of the month. My grandbaby was born on the 3rd of her birth month. Like one of her grandads. But the trifecta occurs on November 24th. My dad and stepma got married that day. One of my half-brothers was born that day. And my uncle died in a plane crash during Army Aircorps training on November 24th in the 1930's. Every seven years, it is also Thanksgiving. So it's a quart taffeta -- LOL, thank you auto correct. Quart taffeta beats quarenta-fecta, which showed up as square festa the first time around.

But wait! There's more! One of my daughters got married on the 14th of the month (not this one) and their baby was born in 2014. And I know four people with same birthdate as mine.

I think I should sleuth around some more. I may discover even more numerical coincidences.

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