Friday, February 20, 2015

The Aftermath of Child Sexual Abuse

Apropos of the recent Bill Bricker pedophile arrest, a reminder that the fallout from child sexual abuse is one that stays with children as they became adults. Dr. Phil posted a number of articles on his website to help the uninformed understand the aftermath of abuse when no intervention is provided. Victims can't undo the damage alone. They don't just grow out of it. Sadly, abuse can follow them to their graves without help. 

Here is a screenshot posted by Dr. Phil on the lasting damages to victims caused by child sexual abuse.
Below is another screenshot of more additional titles of informative articles about child sexual abuse, also posted by Dr. Phil on his website. Here's the LINK you need to reach that page. Once at the page, you can click on each topic to read the full story. The links below will not work from this blog. 

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