Monday, February 16, 2015

Something for My Grandbaby To Play Along With

Okay, "Blurred Lines" may not be the most kid appropriate tune, but aside from the explicit lyrics, which are nearly unintelligible, the music is just perfect for an almost year old baby to enjoy banging on her colorful Babies 'R Us xylophone -- while bobbing her head from side to side and kicking her feet in a way I cannot begin to describe. 

Just think how much she can learn from watching someone else play the same instrument she plays. Think of the hours of fun her parents will have trying to explain Grandma's idea of educational experiences. 

Just so you know I'm not entirely off the grid, I posted Idina Menzel's [Adele Dazeem to some of you] G-rated "Let It Go" on Facebook, so my talented grandbaby can have not one, but TWO tunes to bang on her xylophone. 

By the way, when I Googled John Travolta's version of Idina Menzel, I also found this handy Travolta name generator HERE. 

I couldn't wait to see my name after it had been put through the Travolta machine: 

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