Friday, July 22, 2005

The Cat's Meow

This afternoon I heard a cat meow. It sounded like it was under my bed.  WTF?  Since I no longer have cats, this was not something I wanted to hear.

Oh, shit, what are you doing in here, I said, jumping up from my bed, where I was resting, clothing free, in between meals on this warm day.  

MEOW.  There it was again.

How the hell did that feline get in here?  I checked all the windows to see if I'd inadvertently opened one.  All closed.

MEOW. Okay, that's it.  

It occured to me that I should probably put on some clothes in case the cat decided I was an obstacle in its escape path and tried to climb over me claws first.

So I got dressed and started to call out to the little creature.  Well, "little" in comparison to say, a jaguar, but for all I knew it was one of those thirty pound Persians.

I whistled and, as sweetly as I could, called out Here Kitty Kitty.  Nothing.  

Then I began to get worried.  There's no kitty litter anywhere in the house.  What was it using to relieve itself?  And how long had it been in the house?  

Had it been trapped in here for a long time?  And only just now crying out because it was starving and too weak to move?

MEOW.  It still sounded like it was under the bed.  I tried to look under there,but it was so dark over in the corner where the bed was up against the wall, who could tell?

Okay, I was too chicken to press the issue.  Sticking my face down there to get a good look at a strange, frightened animal didn't seem like the smartest thing to do.

Then the MEOWing stopped. I thought, well, live and let live.  If it wants out it can get out.  If it decided to leave any presents I'd deal with them later.

Four hours have passed since all the MEOWING started.  

All of a sudden ten minutes ago, I heard MEOW one more time.

This time it was coming from my computer. How did the cat get up on the desk and behind my flat screen monitor? Then it MEOWed again. 

When someone signed on. Oh.

It's not a real kitty.  It's an AOL MEOW kitty that makes a sound when someone logs on. Like Gaboatman whose screenname blows a loud fog horn when he signs on. And scares the poop out of me.

I am so blond sometimes.

But at least I won't have to clean up any furballs.


swibirun said...

Those #*$( things can be so annoying, can't they??  My dad had a screensaver that made an eagle or hawk noise every now and then.  I was house sitting for them once and it took several hours for me to figure that one out, too.  Glad to hear I'm not the only one:)


suzypwr said...

My dogs howl at the MEOW one, lol....

artloner said...



there, fix it...if that link doesn't take, go to Settings in your AOL toolbar, Under Settings Main, pick "Sounds, IM", and turn off the IM sounds.  

That should take care of the cats, Blondie.  LMAO!!!


gdireneoe said...

OMG!  LMAO!  My girlies get scared everytime a friend of mine signs on...they call him the evil cheeseburger dude.  His buddy icon is a little burger on a grill.  His sound is a really demonic laugh.  Too funny.  C.

lacaza3 said...

lol....My husband always freaks when I;m on the laptom and people log on and it makes all kinds of noises...tonight he said is that one of the kids cryingg I said no its someone logging on he said oh and walked away
Donna In TEXAS

screaminremo303 said...

Do I need to explain why mine is the sound of a cracking whip?

jelinkl8r said...

Do I need to explain why it makes me laugh?

Mrs. L

robbush6 said...

While I'm fairly certain there is no ship docking in my family room, that kitty meowing can be tricky. You always know when RiverDaughter's in the house.

hillareeday said...

LOL! I have done the same thing with that weatherbug cricket. Apparently it always chirps when there is severe weather. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what it was!

memes121 said...

Don't worry, I do things like that all the time. Started to leave the house the other day and could not find my pocket book anywhere! It was on my shoulder. That's just between us okay?

yankeygr said...

Thats so funny!  I can relate though because a similar thing happened to me, only it was a frog croking! I thought I'd lost my mind. I had just bought my first computer, and had no idea about such things. Thanks for sharing that with us.  Rhonda

gaboatman said...

Well, after I quit laughing so hard, I went over and changed my buddy sound.  I'm sure the new one will be irritating to SOMEONE, but at least Mrs. L won't be scared anymore when I sign on.  I'm glad they started giving us some buddy sounds to play with, though.  Hearing a hundred doors open and slam shut every few minutes was getting to me for a while there.

jevanslink said...

Oh, thank you.  Now I won't worry about getting hit by the wake of that huge ship in my driveway.

Mrs. L

shaz19743 said...

Hehe laughing with you not at you .....i spent a week when the new buddy sound features came online looking out my window everytime i heard the police sirens go only to find it was my friend in newcastles buddy sound ....i mean i know i live in Glasgow and police sirens are a regular soundscape in my neck of the woods but it was like all hell had broken loose !Im livivng in hope they introduce one thats Brad Pitts voice saying " ohhh shaz you knock seven shades out of angelina  "
Now that i could listen too x

happinessdreams said...

Lolololol! Omg. That was funny.

purcellneil said...

Great story.  Thanks for a chuckle!


sunnyside46 said...

yeah, Gaboatman is a dear but he scares me too. What about the person who sounds like a fistfight with fists hitting flesh & grunting?

salemslot9 said...

is that the ice cream man?
it's Mrs. L
don't be afraid
of laughing animals :)