Saturday, July 23, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six

1. Who was your first best friend?  How old were you when you two met?  Are you still in regular contact with each other?

Patsy Hartman was my best friend until sixth grade. We became aware of each other in kindergarten.  She lived in the apartment building across the street. On August 1, 1954 she moved to Hempstead New York. On August 2, I moved to the suburbs of Chicago.

The last time we had contact was at a neighborhood reunion in 1965
. I felt like a neon sign next to her. She looked exactly the same as she did in 1954 only taller. Same hairdo. No makeup.  I was wearing a fake leopard coat, three inch heels, beehive hairdo, and false eyelashes.

2. Other than the "Saturday Six," what weekly or daily memes do you play most often?  (Please give a link to that journal.)

After I finish with the Saturday Six, I'm too exhausted to do any other memes.  What is the origin that word meme anyway? Is it French? Is it stupid or what?

3. Which of the following likely has the bigger mess underneath it:  your stove, your refrigerator, your couch or your bed?

Well, I'm in between stoves, so there's nothing under there. I just moved my fridge recently for a new floor so that's clean. Couch?  What couch?  Oh you mean the beach chair by the TV? The biggest mess is under my bed. I thought I heard a cat under there yesterday. Wait a minute, I don't have any pets.

4. Take this quiz:  How long does MSN think you'll live?  Then take this one:  How long does Blogthings think you'll live?

Mrs. Linklater predicts that she'll live to her late seventies.  She's afraid she's going to live to her eighties and nineties like so many of her relatives.  She does not want to do that. Do you know how long it takes to get ready for a date when you have to use a walker?

MSN -- I'll live to 90. I hope this isn't right. 

Blogwhatever -- 79.  See, I knew it, my late seventies.

And for you fans -- a little over 17 years, so almost 79.  Hmmm.  That's two votes for 79. 

5. Do either or both of these motivate you to make any changes in your lifestyle?

Already, I don't drink or smoke. I eschew caffeine, except for the occasional iced tea. I watch my calories. I limit my red meat. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?

6. Name five things you would like to do by December 31, 2005.

1.Be a bridesmaid in a wedding -- is there an age limit?  

2.Go to Mary Lou's in Southern Illinois for a piece of pie -- with Robin of robbush6

3.Watch the White Sox play in the World Series

4.Empty the trash -- I tend to proscrastinate

5.Come up with a fifth thing to do -- how about have a decent New Year's Eve date? That would be a first.


salemslot9 said...

Mrs. L
is that what said?

gaboatman said...

I usually don't comment on Saturday Six entries.  I enjoy reading them, but I just never know what to say.  I have to say today, though, that I would love to see a pic of you in that beehive hairdo, faux leopard coat and three inch heels.  No wonder you never saw her since, LOL!

bosoxblue6993w said...

the white sox in the series?   Ha!     when pigs fly and my red sox are world champs!

sunnyside46 said...

congratulations on your healthy lifestyle, you may not live to be 90,it will just seem like it!

shaz19743 said...

i buy the big one in 2047 apparently .....sounds more like the date my mortgage will be finally paid off x

cneinhorn said...

the deathclock is's got me dying on June of 2071


swibirun said...

Commenting on Marti's comment.....too funny and probably true


belfastcowboy75 said...

Ohhh, the six. Don't they have somehing like methadone for this?