Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jobs In Jeopardy Returns

I'm a little rusty, so Jobs In Jeopardy didn't get here fast enough to predict the end of Brian Williams' career on NBC nightly news. Not only that, he took himself down faster than the internet could pull the plug. But don't let that temporary hiatus stuff fool you. He is gone boy, gone. 

So that means I have to look around for other likely candidates. The ones who may even seem safe from the fickle finger of firing. Not the obvious ones like the congressional assistant whose racist blatherings on social media prompted him to execute himself just a few days ago. No, I want fresh meat. Say, for instance, the offensive coordinator for the Seahawks. He is still sleeping peacefully at night. But his career will be toast in a few months. It will be quiet. It will be discreet. But he will be gone. 

Fresh from the Super Bowl, with Pete Carroll gamely taking the blame for the absolute worst call in football history, Darrell Bevell's reason for making the call is almost as bad as the call itself -- let's make a pass on the one yard line to kill the clock. WTF you pussies. Too afraid to risk a kick off return? Just get the damn touchdown.  If this 71-year-old grandma can make the call, anyone could have done it. 

When there's 26 seconds left and you're on the one freaking yard line with three more tries to score with an MVP player carrying the ball, you don't freaking throw. You give it to the best back in the league. Why? Because he's so good? NO!!! Because he is SO-O-O pissed that he didn't get the ball into the end zone on his first try, nobody's going to stop him. Now he's got three more tries. I guarantee NOTHING was going to keep Marshawn Lynch from scoring. You want to get fancy and go for two points after that, go ahead and let 'em think you're going to throw. But give it to Marshawn so he can run it in again. 

Then, don't be afraid of the kickoff. Killing the clock was an egregious example of hubris. Putting the cart before the horse. With all due respect to a great player, how could anyone assume that one of Russell Wilson's passes wouldn't be intercepted? Darrell, did you see the Green Bay game?

Hasta la bye bye. 

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