Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Ten Day Weekend Trip to NYC

I flew to NYC for the weekend ten days ago. It was a great day to fly for those of us who love to fly. Plus, I had the entire row to myself, a bonus for those of us who hate to sit next to people who might decide they want to talk to you.  

I also got some nice iPhone pictures of the view from the 17th row. 

I would happily point out local landmarks, but this view coming in for a landing was nothing I'd ever seen before, so you tell me what I was looking at.

After a wonderful, but too short visit with family, it was time to fly back home. The first time I made an attempt was on Monday, January 25th, the day that Mayor DeBlasio and three governors shut down their cities and states in a pre-emptive strike to prepare for the storm of the century. It may have been nasty for Long Island and the Northeast. But here's a picture of what that allegedly hellacious storm looked like when it hit New York City [ho-freaking-hum]:

After the third day of rescheduling flights, only to have them cancelled, I decided just to stick around until I was sure it would be safe to head back to Chicago. {What was I thinking? You can NEVER count on the weather.]

But I was optimistic. Especially if I left about five days later. Say on Monday, February 2nd, Groundhog Day? I could stay to watch the Super Bowl with friends and family on Sunday, Feb 1. Eat myself into a stupor. Then head home Monday, Harold Ramis' national holiday. What could be easier? 

I mention Groundhog Day, referring to the movie, not the rodent. Because the film is all about repeating the same day over and over again. Until someone gets it right. 

I should have known better. In a repeat of the previous Monday, my flight was. . .wait for it. . . cancelled. 

I woke up with the Groundhogs in the morning, knowing there was 19 inches of snow in Chicago, but the airports at both ends were trying to pretend things were normal. Chicago was trying to stick it to New York. Snow? Hell no!! We are flying today, people -- get your butts to the airport, because the planes will be taking off for the Windy City!!!

While standing in line for my boarding pass, I watched as the departure board changed my flight's status from ON TIME to CANCELLED. I informed the agent that my flight had just been cancelled. He said, oh no, it ha -- oh, wait, yes, it has. I could stand by on the noon flight or the 4:15 flight. Having been snookered by that trick before, I decided to leave on Tuesday. 

Good idea. For once. All the flights from LGA on Monday had been cancelled, it turns out. Stand by got stood up. Hanging around at the airport did nobody any good. So I got some more family time.

Of course, getting airborne will always test the theory of relativity. Fortunately, my flight on Tuesday was relatively on time. Only delayed for two hours. 

Here's my view to Chicago from seat 7D. Not as picturesque as the flight out -- cloudy with a chance of more bad weather. 

But I did get home on the second try, the third or fourth time I tried. Got my abandoned cat out of hock. Thanked my neighbors for snow-blowing my driveway and sidewalk. Stopped by the Post Office to pick up the mail that had been piling up. And played catch up with my life. The usual.  

[Actual, un-retouched photo of the aftermath from Chicago's fifth worst snowstorm on record.]

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