Sunday, October 24, 2004


Bet you thought this was going to be a Kerry-Bush showdown of some sort. Like Mrs. Linklater gives a rip. No, this is all about HER!!   

It's time to vote for her Birthday Picture.  

It's the end of October, when Mrs. L hammers another nail in her coffin.  Sorry. . .she meant --inches irrevocaby closer to the end of her life.  Damn, not handling this very well are you, Mrs. L?    

Her birthday is coming and to celebrate, she's just going to get out of Dodge for a few days.  

Anyway, as part of the celebration, she wants to change that picture over there in her ABOUT ME area.    

Granted, it's only six months old, but she pretty much doesn't wear her hair like that except when it's an accident.

And frankly, she's kidding herself if she thinks she looks that young in real life under any kind of lighting.   

She has four photos for you to choose from. All taken this month. All with different hair.  You'll notice that her face pretty much stays the same.  It's the hair that has a mind of its own.

The only comment from her children is "What a fake smile, Mom."  [I know, they're too old to leave on someone's doorstep and run away.]  

After uploading the nominees for the new photo, Mrs. Linklater realized there was really only one picture she should choose, but she was half way through the entry, and didn't feel like starting over.   

So, dear reader, you get to pick the picture.  Just remember if I don't like the one you choose, I'll simply ignore your vote.  

BONUS:  I have no intention of telling you how old I am, but you can guess and we can all have a good laugh.     



  If you don't vote for this one I'll be pissed, but don't let my opinion influence you    



  Full Monty Make Up -- somewhat glam, but maybe just a little too Vegas for a family journaling community    



 Fresh from the healthclub -- that wholesome "farm girl who uses a pitchfork to comb her hair" look    



 Originally, I kind of liked this crinkly look, which happened to my hair after two hours in the rain at a football game.  But not so much anymore.  

So, the countdown begins.  I hope all five of my readers will take a moment to stop by and weigh in with their votes.  


magogos said...

Why, Mrs. Linkletter, I believe the first one would be the perfect choice. As for age, certainly not old enough to have grown children. Blessings, Margo

jevanslink said...

Sucking up to me is good thing.  Mrs. L

annkiesler said...

I like 1,2 & 4.  Don't make me choose.....aaarrghh.  Okay, I think you look more relaxed in number 4 because you look as though you've just had a great time.


greyhoundloner03 said...

Well certainly numero uno, Mrs. L...and might I say that you look younger than springtime??? Happy Day, shugah. We love you!


PS: really do like #1 best, quite the elegant lady.  :)

drsue1982 said...

I chose #1... But don't listen to me my photo in my journal is covered with my camera.  I never liked having my picture taken...You are lucky you can see my hair..

ann7inflorida said...

The first pic...definitely. You look hot!

anthume said...

AOL signed me in automatically because I had AIM on! Nice. Okay, I vote ONE, one vote for one. I don't like any of them actually very much actually, but ONE is the best of what's there.

cyberdancer1008 said...

Leave it to mumsy--I still like the original.  but okay.  I choose ONE.  and I would even without the threats.

thisismary said...

Of course the first one is the best! Except :: pause :: umm Dear Mrs. L. did you happen to notice that the top of your head is missing? Not that this can't be remedied.  Not that it really needs to be!  Great photo truly!  

yakvette said...

I definitely vote for Pic #1.  GREAT picture!   You look MAHVELOUS and MINXY, and truth be told, I'm QUITE turned on.  ;-)    Now, if I could only hear what you sound like.........hahaaaaaa.    



jevanslink said...

Not that I'm counting, but it would seem that the Number One photo is winning, missing head and all.  The polls will remain open for the week.  Mrs. L

djzgirl71 said...

I would definitely have to say that I like the first two!  The first one being my favorite!  You look marvelous darling!


judithheartsong said...

All are lovely (of course) but I would have to go with number one...........ouch!!! It hurts when you twist my arm like that!!!!!!!! Tee hee tee hee tee hee. Great pictures and Happy Birthday Mrs. L!!!!! xoxox. judi

lwhitewave said...

I'm not risking life and limb when I agree with you!  Number 1, for certain!!

cneinhorn said...

I like #1 and #2.  Is there anyway to get the rest of your head back in the first photo?  I don't know at this point if that's the photo, or just the way it was cropped for size.  But for sure #1 is your best hair shot!  LOL  
Have a very Happy Birthday Mrs. L.  You're the best!
Now let me go read your comments and see if everyone agreed to vote as you told them, LOL

screaminremo303 said...

Mrs. L, are you trying to seduce me? Koo-koo ka-choo Mrs. L!! I'll go with #1, although the Glenn Close Rabbit-Stew crinklehair in #4 is kinda sexy. Just stay out of my elevator if you know what's good for you.

jevanslink said...

Yep, Remo.  Pretty much.  Mrs. L

lamove04 said...

Remo stole my joke!  I was going to say that #4 looks like Glenn Close after she lost an Academy Award maybe.  And #3 kind of looks a little like Sissy Spacek after she lost an Academy Award... (what was that movie again?)

so that leaves #1 & #2... hmmm... has Barbra's hair ever been that blonde?  Okay, I vote for #1.  Beautiful!


jevanslink said...

So I look like Glenn Close, Sissy Spacek, and Barbra Streisand.  Is that good news or bad news?  Mrs. L

pollysci said...

I like 1 ...but if it means I get my butt kicked... then 4, Madame L!

~tara :)

robingrg2 said...

Mrs. L, this is my first visit to your J.  #1 is a great picture (wish I could get my hair to look like that!  Impossible with this Houston humidity though!!! ) However, after reading your other entries (you seem like a fun-loving, wild and crazy kinda gal) I think #4 best represents your personality.  Just my 2 cents.  Hope you don't mind.  BTW, love your journal!

floralilia said...

they're all lovely mrs. L - but i like choice of shirt in the first one best...;)

pkbeachbum said...

You look beautiful in all (one is what one is, no matter.) I prefer numero uno because it magnifies your magnetic features so nicely. Bright eyes, sparkling smile and silky hair all rolled into one charming woman. Go with #1.

PS - Sorry it took me so long to vote. Go Sawx! Cubs' turn.

janntique said...

We vote for numero uno then numero dos.  Both are pretty fine.  You look terrific, who are ya fooling?  You look fabulous!  Of course, it is your birthday LOL  Sincerely, we think all the pics are great except the health club-pitchfork one.  A little too frantic.  Jan was into the crinkly hair thing last year, this year she struggles to heft the blow dryer for that perfect frizzless look - just NOT possible.  Of course she's not a natural beauty like us - wink, wink, all my luv, Sierra