Sunday, October 24, 2004

Holidays Are Coming

I've known my older daughter's fiance for a couple of years. 

But I'm just getting to know his large family.    I found out that he has an older brother who is serving in Iraq -- Major W.H. Vivian.  

Finally the war has a face on it that's close to home.   

I can no longer distance myself from the cloud of worry felt by every family with sons and daughters risking their lives for us.    

The concern for their safe return has finally tapped me on the shoulder. And I am happy and grateful that I have a chance to carry some of that burden at last.   

However, I will still change the channel when news programs start showing pictures of the soldiers who have died during the previous week.  

That sadness affects all of us, all the time.  

I asked my daughter if I could contact him and she gave me his address and a list of things the soldiers like to get.   

Next time you're in Costco or Sam's Club you could pick up a couple of things and send them on.  

1. Cards and letters

2. Chocolate chip cookies

3. Trail mix

4. Baby wipes [Cottonelle, etc.] Showers are scarce

5. Coffee

6. Toothbrushes

7. Magazines (Stuff, Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine -- reading guys like)  

His address is:  

Maj WH Vivian

RCT-7 Hq Co (S-3)

UIC 41500

FPO AP 96426-1500


lamove04 said...

I imagine it is different with that connection.  I guess I am just so far removed from that whole military mentality... very foreign to me.  What is happening over there seems so out-of-control-- what I want most of all is a chance with a new President to see what else can be done differently.  I do hope the brother of your daughter's fiance remains safe!  --Albert

greyhoundloner03 said...

I get paid on the 29th...does it take more than a month for it to get to him? ALso, can you find out if there are any women in his unit? My platoon was returned home, so I'd love to help if I can.