Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fifteen Minute Post

In fifteen minutes I will leave for my weekly rehearsal of the ladies who wear sequins and polyester. We've also added boas to our costumes. What's next? Tap shoes? 

We are working toward our Really Really Big October Show, which will feature 10 to 12 new tunes from the sixties. And choreography taught to us by a Las Vegas Singer and Dancer. [Put that in your hat and sit on it!!] 

Meanwhile, over the next few months we will also be performing at several venues using selections from the repertoire of songs we sang for our last show. Can you count? That means we have to keep more than two dozen tunes tiptoeing through our heads at any one time. You try remembering that much. Did I mention that we are not spring chickens? 

PLUS -- we have a whole repertoire of Holiday Tunes which we perform during December. Show bidness is not easy.

As the engineer at our recent recording session noted, "For a group that only rehearses once a week, you're pretty good." 

I see that my fifteen minutes is up. Until next time.

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