Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weekend in Indiana

It cost me less than $20 to get to Indiana and back on the train last weekend. One of my train rides was from my suburb to Chicago: $6 roundtrip. The other was the 94 miles from Chicago to South Bend: $11.50. Okay, senior discount. So half price. I also got picked up at the South Bend stop, which is at the South Bend airport, just an FYI. 

For comparison, it cost me $8 one way, including tip, to travel one single mile across the Loop from Union Station to the South Shore station. These pix below are from breakfast at the Mill Creek Kitchen in South Milford, IN. There used to be a mill on the creek. The creek is still out back. And there's a huge granery behind that. Huge. But no more mill. This little restaurant has grown since I was last there in August of 2014. Open more hours and days. With more people working there. Check them out on Facebook -- did I mention their name is Mill Creek Kitchen? Really good food. And a large menu. 

We also ate dinner at my favorite Amish place, Tiffany's, filled with long tables of Amish men and women, speaking Amish, with the most pleasant service from Amish teens. Not to mention wonderful, inexpensive food. And great pie. 

Drove through Shipshewana. We didn't stop because it was raining, but we've taken the Amish buggy ride -- a gift from my friend for my septuagenarian birthday. Try saying that three times in a row. 

Had such a nice, relaxed time at my friend's home on one of the many glacially formed lakes. Visited with her daughter/son-in-law and four of her grandkids. 

I also baked browned butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert on Sunday night. Way worth the train ride.


Jon said...

I love quaint little places to eat - - they're the best kind. The sign with the bird and fork is delightful.

Hey, I'll bet you thought I disappeared into the sunset.

Mrs. L said...

I thought I just couldn't see you for all the dust. So que pasa?

Jon said...

I ditched Texas and I'm living in the mountain wilderness of Tennessee. I don't know what's worse - - trying to be Pancho Villa or Daniel Boone. I do love the peace and privacy.

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