Friday, April 23, 2004

Second to None

Today's answer:  Nothing. Unless you're a control freak. Today's question:  What's wrong with being No. 2?

My list of second favorite things:

Second Favorite Movie: Bull Durham -- Kevin Costner's last good movie. "No Way Out" was his best. Don't talk to me about "Dances with Wolves."  "Bull Durham" was an easy going, likeable story with some good laughs, featuring a sport I love.  And it took place in a town where I spent a couple of years going to college. Harold and Maude came in a close second, I mean, third. My number one movie is any documentary by Michael Moore.

Second Favorite Book:  Out of Africa -- Isak Dinesen who was Danish, wrote it in English. Occasionally she wrote with Danish syntax so you can almost hear her speaking with an accent as she tells the story.  No wonder Merryl Streep got the starring role in the movie. My favorite book is a toss up between Good Night Moon and the Physicians' Desk Reference.

Second Favorite Album: Bonnie Raitt "Nick of Time" -- there isn't a bad tune on it.  My favorite of all time is Seal's first album, which should have won the Grammy. Quirky, original, groundbreaking music. Ever notice how albums are attached to someone you were dating? Just had a flashback myself.

Second Favorite Teacher:  Mr. Leverenz, sophomore geometry.  A great math teacher, at any level. No one in any of his classes ever scored below a "C" when we took the comprehensive exams. He eventually ran the department. Maybe even the school. But Mr. Brown, who taught typing, was the very best teacher I ever had. He was as tough as a drill sergeant. Sarcastic. Demanding. But, after a year in his class, I have a skill that I have used almost every day since then, which will soon be over 175 years. The best part is being able to type faster than any secretary I ever had.

Second Favorite Ice Cream: Homer's Pink Peppermint Ice Cream in Wilmette, IL. Usually that green mint chocolate chip is the only stuff you can find anymore. Homer's uses real red and white peppermint sticks. Not green coloring with brown specs that look like rabbit droppings. My surprise [to me] favorite is Homer's Fresh Peach. Only during peach season in the summer. And I am a certified chocolate lover.  [See down below].

Second Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers as long as Favre is QB. And if my hometown Chicago Bears don't get any better this year, the Packers will become No. 1

Second Favorite Comfort Food:  Cottage Cheese and Worchestershire Sauce -- in fact just thinking about it made me go out and buy a carton last night.  My absolute favorite comfort food is anything with chocolate. Nutella is great for mainlining.

Second Favorite Cartoon Character: Wylie Coyote -- miss him at the movies. My favorite is the Ellen DeGeneres fish in Finding Nemo.

Second Favorite Way to Relax: Lying in a Hammock in Kauai -- my  favorite way to relax is a two hour massage.

Second Favorite Underwear: Anything clean that fits.  My very favorite panties are Pucci's [not Gucci] hot pink patterned hip-huggers from the sixties.  Yes, I saved them. They don't fit anymore.  I just get them out from time to time to reminisce.

Second Favorite Cereal:  Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. Screw granola. Frosted Flakes are actually my top three cereals.  There's plain with milk.  There's plain with milk and sliced banana.  And there's plain mixed with Hershey's chocolate syrup and maraschino cherries with whipped cream on top. And a glass of milk to wash it down. [I can't believe I typed that out loud.]

Second Favorite Celebrity Crush:  Harrison Ford.  He would be my first, except he doesn't look like he did in Witness anymore. And hanging around with Calista Flockhart only makes the difference more apparent. [Like he cares about my opinion]. I must say his helicopter rescue on the mountain in Jackson Hole, WY was worth mucho points. Regardless, my new Favorite Celebrity Crush is Josh Hartnett. Despite our obscene age difference. I even saved the issue of Details with him on the cover. But he better come up with a decent part in a good movie soon or he's dust. Of course, Russell Crowe will always be my Favorite Celebrity Crush in a gladiator outfit.

Second Favorite Car: BMW Z-3.  The six cylinder. With the top down. What a great car.  Drives like a dream. Instant response. Shifts like butter. Looksbetter than the new Z-4. But, it's still number two. My favorite car will always be a Jeep.  With all due respect to the Z-3, it's a fair weather car and I live in an extreme weather climate.








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anthume said...

If I am connected to AIM, the computer puts in the right name and password automatically. I, of course, have forgotten what they were. But the computer knows...

I could be second guessing here, and haven't yet read any of the prior entries, but one thing leaps from the page: you have way, way, way too much time on your hands.