Thursday, April 22, 2004

Real Life versus The Universe

We have two answers today.  Answer No. 1 is: A Real Life.  Answer No. 2 is:  The Universe.  Question No 1 is: What do women think about getting for themselves in between poopie diapers and nannies that shamelessly flirt with their husbands?  Question No. 2 is:  What do men get to contemplate while they pick the lint out of their navals?

Mrs. Linklater feels there is a double standard.  If a woman says she was late for work because she was considering Feldman's annotated notes on the expansion of the universe, she will be scorned and ridiculed for probably missing carpool, too. But if a man says he was late because he had to change a poopie diaper, just listen to the ooo's and ahhhhh's as he's elevated to sainthood for stepping out of his masculine role as keeper of the remote control to assume the nurturing role of the female of the species -- even though it only takes a couple of minutes to change a diaper, including a poopie one, which really means he was late for work because it kept making him gag. 

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