Monday, June 7, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six on Monday

Answer: I like pain.  Question: How come you're doing the Saturday Six from Patrick's Place?

1. If you knew that NO ONE would EVER read your journal...NO ONE, EVER...would you continue writing as is, write more, write less, or pull the plug?

If nobody read my journal but me, I'd swear a whole lot more, write about more personal things, be really pissed off instead of trying to find the humor, say terrible nasty things about anybody, write in the first person, never edit and skip trying to make what I wrote readable by making paragraphs. 

You got a problem with that?

2. Give the link of the entry in your journal of which you are most proud, and explain why it makes you proud.

Compared to most of the journals I read, I'm a lazy writer.  For an English major, my grammar sucks.  I take the easy way out of a story every time.  Go for the easy joke. Or the facile finish.  I rarely get introspective. So I'm not proud of any one entry.  I am more ashamed that I don't work harder.  And often just damn glad I wrote something that is readable and makes sense.

3. If you HAD to get one or the other, would you rather get a tattoo or a piercing, and where would it go?  (You cannot count one that you already have.)

There is nothing on me that is pierced or tattooed. Never will be.  If I had to choose, I would pierce ONE ear. And wear gold, silver, or diamond studs.

Which one do you most believe in or whatever the question was:
  a) Ghosts
  b) Mindreaders
  c) Time Travel
  c) Love in First Sight
  e) Extraterrestrials

Love at first sight.  Been there.  Done that.

5. Other than North America, if you could choose any other continent fora one month vacation, which would you choose?

Australia.  A truly mysterious continent.  Interesting recent history.  Fascinating indigenous people. An array of flora and fauna not found anywhere else on earth.

And, here is the first of the questions submitted by you:
Jennifer:  If, by some bizarre new law, you were restricted in your eating preferences to only one restaurant for the remainder of your natural life, and you had to choose -- HAD to choose or die -- which restaurant would you select?
Denny's.  They're open 24 hours.  They're cheap.  And they're all over the country.


lwhitewave said...

Oh god! Denny's!!  I understand the reasoning behind the choice, but Yuck!!  ROFL
And I personally think that you SHOULD write as if no one else was reading your journal.  Ahem.  Oh let's just call the kettle black here, okay...?

jevanslink said...

I think my choice of language has made it fer sure that I'll never be chosen for the AOL top five, even though they asked for my picture early on, because I WAS being considered. And frankly, based on what they've recommended, that's fine with me.  Un-Common Sense [see Other Journals] is doing his own list.  And it's good.

jane037 said...

Dance as if no one is watching you.
Write as if no one is reading you.

jevanslink said...

You're so right, Jane037.  But I'm so chicken.  Mrs. L

lamove04 said...

Hey Mrs. L: thanks much for the comment in my journal!  As for your answer to question #1, I, too, think you should go for it, all except saying nasty things about anybody--have to admit I censor myself on that one, I don't want to lose ALL my friends!  --Albert