Thursday, June 10, 2004

Shopping at Vic's

Answer: Night and day.  Question:  How different are your daughters, Mrs. Linklater?

After Mrs. Linklater's younger daughter was in town for business and a visit last week, she sent an email to her older daughter. Here is a small, but relevant, excerpt:

<< . . .Your sister and I had a nice visit.  We went to Victoria's Secret and she tried on a ton of bras. . .[blah blah blah] Love, Mom >>

The truth is it seemed like she tried on about 100 bras. Maybe it was only thirty or forty, but hanging on the hooks, they looked like 100. 

Mrs. Linklater's job was easy. All she had to do was sit on a chair in the dressing room and keep passing bras to her daughter. Meanwhile, they also spent time chatting and catching up.

Mrs. Linklater's younger daughter is definitely very particular about what she likes.  She even had the sales person bring in a t-shirt so she could see what each bra looked like under different clothes.

She also put the bras in three piles:  Yes. No. Maybe. Mrs. Linklater couldn't tell the difference between one or another a lot of the time, but her daughter sure could. 

Her younger daughter is also one of the few people Mrs. Linklater knows who is patient enough and willing to take the time to find what she really wants. After two and a half hours, she found some beautiful bras that fit perfectly. Frankly, Mrs. Linklater would have given up long before.

Meanwhile, this is the email Mrs. Linklater got back from her older daughter:

<< She went to Victoria's Secret? She and I were there last time she was in town, and I have to say it was the most annoying experience for me EVER! She must have tried on 300 bras! Man, she is picky! How did you survive? >>

LOL.Mrs. Linklater's older daughter knows exactly which style bra she likes. Just send her a bunch in her size in lots of colors and she's happy.  She doesn't even need to try them on.

One final aside -- there were several sales people at the two story Vic's Mrs. Linklater and her daughter shopped at -- about seven women and one guy.  All miked up like Brittney Spears so they could be in constant communication with each other. "34-D in dressing room six, can you find something in lavendar for her prom? Over."

According to Mrs. Linklater's daughter, the one guy knew more about bras than any of the women she talked to.

Doesn't it make you wonder how.  Not to mention why?




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