Thursday, June 10, 2004

What? Again?

The link to Mrs. Linklater's celebrity encounter entry is up on AOL Music Talk again.  She didn't know they did re-runs. Her first inkling was a comment alert this morning from someone who took her to task for eating a hot dog at a rock concert. Then she found an email in her SPAM box from one of the editors. No warning, just an announcement. Congratulations, you've been quoted!  There's a lesson here.  It's better to be rich than anything that resembles famous.

Mrs. Linklater sure is whiny today.

PS  Mrs. Linklater just discovered she's on AOL People Connection, too. Some guy she doesn't know IM'd her with the news. Hey, people -- that picture may only be a month old, but Mrs. Linklater photographs way younger than she is -- do NOT get your hopes up.


lwhitewave said...

Another lesson learned-check your spam mail!  LOL

janntique said...

Mrs. Linklater, I have to comment on your wry sense of humor since I made my way to your journal.  Very funny - I wish you were my neighbor - I'll keep reading to see how many more hot dogs you consume.  Hugs, Jan