Saturday, July 24, 2004

Saturday Six - Episode 15

  Picture from Hometown

As usual -- thank you Patrick for shaking the cobwebs of my mind.

Time now for the weekly sensation:  the Saturday Six! 

Playing is have two choices.  You can either answer the questions in a comment here, or you can answer the questions as an entry in your own journal.  Either way, be sure to leave a comment here with a link to your journal...that way everyone who plays gets the chance to see your blog.  Enjoy!

1. If you had to live without one of your five senses, which one would you most be willing to live without?

I consider seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching to be senses that not only enrich your life, but protect it from danger, too.  

So, of the five senses, taste seems to be the one I could let go most easily.  The bad news is that food wouldn't have any flavor.  The good news is that food wouldn't have any flavor.  All the bad stuff that tastes like good stuff would be dust in the wind -- or my mouth. Nothing could seduce me with its mouthwatering appeal. I would still have smell to help out or warn me if something was spoiled. But without taste, I could finally eat to live, not live to eat.   


2. You see a fly, a spider, a roach and a moth flying, scurrying or skulking around at once in your living room.  Which one do you go after first?

When I see a fly I open a window and let it out.  Same with spiders. I get them to climb on a piece of paper and put them outside.  Moths are pretty easy to catch and release, too.  But roaches?  I'd bitch slap that prehistoric bug into squash soup and send it to a watery grave down the toilet.

3. How many pets have you had so far during your lifetime?

Not counting the field mice that sneak in for the winter,I've had four collies, six cats, a gerbel, a fresh water catfish, frogs, turtles, goldfish, a baby squirrel, and a fly with no eyes that I kept alive with sugar water for a week.

4. I recently watched a cult favorite movie, "The Breakfast Club," and it prompted this question:  Which of the five character types do you personally most identify with:  the princess (or prince), the jock, the nerd, the criminal or the basket case?

Breakfast Club is one of my all-time favorite movies.  I liked it more than my kids did, and they could recite the dialog word for word.

I was a jock princess in high school, but the Breakfast Club character I have the most affinity for is Judd Nelson's criminal.  For some reason I've always loved those guys, even in high school.  Most of the "hoods" [rhymes with "foods"] as we called them were really good looking, once you got past their clothes, their hair, and their engineer boots. These days, you'd also have to navigate around their tattoos.

Something about the way their eyes looked through you ignited my secret inner ho. My teenage hormones went to phaser whenever they walked by.  Years later, I actually ran into one of my high school's most notorious bad boys at a fancy schmancy party. His hair was normal.  He was wearing a tux. And I introduced myself.  I even told him I had a crush on him in high school. In a heartbeat his eyes switched to stun gun. And I was meat.  Be still my beating heart. As for the rest -- I have to invoke the military code -- don't ask, don't tell.

5. Would you like to have more siblings, less siblings, or would you not change how many you have?

I have four siblings.  That's a good number. I don't want any less or more.  However, except for one brother, I would prefer completely different ones altogether.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #13 from BarbaraMck:  If you could choose any vehicle (road warrior) as your sole source of transportation, what would it be? (Year, Make, Why)?

I would choose John Madden's tour bus. That baby is tricked out with everything for life on pavement. For living la dolce vita on the road. And it has the one thing I want more than anything else for my sole source of transportation -- a professional driver to take me where I want to go. 


faygodaze07 said...

That is hilarious. I really like your journal. *misty*  

greyhoundloner03 said...

From bitch slappin' roaches to rediscovering your inner ho,another great blog.