Saturday, July 24, 2004

Weekend Assignment #16

Answer:  John Scalzi   Question: Who is the only person in the world that can make you do things you wouldn't ever do unless there was a gun to your head?

Create a brand-new Superhero secret identity for yourself, based on your personality and proclivities -- and make sure to list at least one "super power" that relates to a special talent you have. Now, to be clear, this "super power" shouldn't actually be a super power, like the ability to fly or shoot lasers from your eyes (unless you can actually do that). No, we're just talking about naming a "talent" you have, in superhero terms. 

Let's see, talent huh? Well, Mrs. Linklater can eat her weight in chocolate, but that's so last century.

How about not finishing those baby blankets she started 30 years ago. She's good at stuff like that.

Or interrupting you while you're speaking -- what a natural gift she has. 

And playing fun games like Can You Top This, where you tell a story about your recent back surgery and she says, "Well, that's nothing!" and proceeds to steal your thunder with a more gruesome tale of woe. Pure talent. What a shame to waste it.

Oh, wait, there is something special she can do that deserves a separate mention:

Look, up in the sky!!  It's a --

Hold it, SuperPower breath -- I'm not up there yet.

But, didn't you say you were going to be up in the sky today? 

Yep, sure did.  Made a promise.

So, why aren't you up there? 

The day is young, you know. I'll get up there. 

Gonna make us wait until the very last moment, huh?

I guess you could say that. . .okay, you might as well continue with the introductions.

Ahem -- Slower than molasses. More excuses than a teenager coming in late. Able to put off until tomorrow anything she could and should be doing today --

It's Procrastinator Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, couldn't we do this later? I haven't eaten breakfast and there's an infomercial about some fancy do-dad ladder that I haven't watched yet. 


Extra Credit: If you could have one genuine, honest-to-goodness super power, what one would you want and why?

If I could have one real super power, I would want to be INVISIBLE.  All except for my voice, which would have echo, reverb and maximum volume options.


geminiwilder said...

Ya know, I'd really like to do this assignment, too....but I haven't had breakfast yet either...

mavarin said...

Good choice, although I like the other cited abilities better.

Back in high school, I read about some procrastinators' club that, IIRC, didn't get around to holding their annual meeting, or something like that. I was interested in finding out whether it was an extended joke or a real organization, but--you guess it--I never got around to doing so.

Do I really have to go through the two months' worth of unread email on my other screen names?


lwhitewave said...

Mrs. L., your wit slays me yet again!

munowe said...

I think I have that affliction (err.. I mean super power, too).                                Sounding Off

danielled1 said...

Very cute ;)


lamove04 said...

ahh, I think that I may be hiding out in Procrastinor Woman's secret lair, watching The View and staring at the piles of paper and junk that have accumulated over several months (or longer? aackk!)  It's almost the 29th and I still haven't sent uou an attached .jpg-- are you still doing that project, LOL?  --Albert