Monday, September 5, 2016

Let's Crank Up the Way Back Machine

Once Upon A Time, Mrs. Linklater couldn't decide what she wanted to be -- an ad biggie, a famous model, or a member of Second City. So for a brief period in time, she did it all.  By day she toiled at a large, international ad agency, by night she was a member of the Second City Touring Company, at lunchtime she was doing print jobs as a harried, married, tired, stay at home or pregnant mom for ad photographers. While looking for something else recently, she ran across these photographs from 1969, which a former boyfriend [and, even after all these years, still a friend] captured when Mrs. L and her other Second City second stringers in the Touring Company took their comedy on the road -- on this occasion, to Beloit College in Wisconsin. You may even recognize some of these people. 
Mrs. L with Gerrit Graham who has gone on to cult status as Beef in what movie?

No words are needed to explain why Mrs. Linklater's acting style failed to appeal to everyone.

 Harold Ramis when he was in his black Afro stage is the guy on the left. Eric Ross is on the right.
                Mrs. L with David Bloom, or Blum, or Blume, can't remember since it's been awhile. . .
                                       You can probably spot Harold. Gerrit is third from left.
                      Since this is her blog, Mrs. L is posting another shot of herself and David.
                                  Bill Murray's older brother Brian Doyle Murray, young and handsome.
                                Mrs. Linklater once had long hair. And pushed chairs on stages.  
                                                Harold once again with Sherry Nerens and Eric. 

That's all for now!!! 

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