Sunday, November 9, 2014

Captain or Lieutenant Bricker?

Writing the third installment of the Bricker Backstory isn't going well. I have started and stopped three different times. More pressing issues keep coming up. Like should we send a contingent to his extradition hearing in December? 

For now, instead of the next installment, here's something else. Bill Bricker has been referred to by some as a Marine Captain in WWII. I have made the same mistake. At the time, I remember thinking that the rank of Captain sounded like an exaggeration for an enlisted man, even if he went to Officer Candidate's School. My father was a WWII Captain in the Army, but that's because he was a doctor. I think the rank of Captain was given to lawyers, engineers, and others with advanced degrees. Like professional courtesy or something. But second lieutenant was usually the rank for regular college grads who made it out of OCS. At least during Viet Nam. 

On Bricker's resume for Hubbard Woods School, he writes that the highest rank he achieved was First Lieutenant. In the acknowledgement for his Silver Star, which we found on a military site, it says he was a Second Lieutenant, which no doubt refers to his rank in combat at the time. We have not found a date for his promotion to First Lieutenant, which may have been a field promotion. 

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banker puppy said...

While the info you're looking for may be out on the internet somewhere, Bricker's official military records, like those of anyone who was discharged more than 62 years ago, have been archived.
I'm not sure what his military records have to do with why he's been arrested. Can anyone help me with that?
FYI, the next extradition hearing is 9am EST on December 4th. To access the case notes, go here:
Filter using case number 147804SM1.
The court calendar is here:
Again, filter using the case number and then check December 4th.

Mrs. L said...

As usual, thanks for your helpful information. In particular, the date and time for his extradition hearing in December.

As to the relevance of Bricker's rank, his military records are relevant to his lifelong persona as a Winnetka war hero vis a vis his alleged behavior as a pedophile. Those who tend to glorify him also tend to exaggerate his accomplishments and downplay his darker side, which was not limited to the claims of alleged molestation. I was simply trying to set the record straight.

After all, it's my blog and I can do what I want.

banker puppy said...

Thanks, Mrs. L.