Sunday, July 4, 2004

The Saturday Six

1. What would you most enjoy doing on the Fourth?
  A) Watching fireworks
  B) Attending a cookout
  C) Going to a Baseball Game
  D) Sleeping in and pretending it's any other day off

E) I would like to be in London at the "Championships Wimbledon." Especially to see the finals this weekend.  Also so I could hang out with my younger daughter who lives there.

F) The best times I've had on the Fourth have been in a boat on Lake Michigan for the fireworks.  And spending the day riding down the Chicago River.

2. What's your favorite kind of pet?  Dog, Cat, Fish, Reptile, Rabbit, Rodent.

If you didn't have to walk dogs and pick up their poop, they would be my faves.  But cats are much less trouble and they don't take up as much room on the bed.

3. What is the last word you remember looking up in a dictionary?

"Obsequious" -- to check the spelling. And I can't remember if this is right anymore.

4. Assuming you had to change one of the following, which one would you pick?  Eye color, hair color, height, intelligence.

Intelligence.  I would be more musically gifted, more mathematically gifted, more mechanically gifted, more creatively gifted, more artistically gifted, more intuitively gifted. . .

5. You learn that your best friend's spouse is having an affair.  The spouse begs you not to tell the secret, assuring you that he or she will fess up.  Do you stay out of it, give the spouse a deadline after which you will  reveal the secret, or tell your friend what you have seen immediately?

Oh, great. This is a lose-lose situation for everybody.  First of all, the friendship with the best friend will probably head for the toilet no matter what you do.  If you don't say anything, the secret will hang in the wind like an elephant turd.  

On the other hand, if you tell your friend, you'll soon become a victim of the "Kill the Messenger" syndrome -- he or she will be mad at you for whatever it was the spouse did. Or for telling them about it. 

Same with making a deal with the spouse to tell by a certain date.  What're you going to do -- ask your best friend if the spouse has confessed to infidelity yet?

Don't just stay out of it.  Move.

Unless Reality TV wants to do it as a segment and you get paid some bigtime bucks.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #10 from Dornbrau:  If you could go back in time to meet one person, who would it be and why?

My man, Oscar Wilde.  The poster boy for over the top behavior -- funny, ironic, iconoclastic, sarcastic, charming, irreverent, indecent, decadent and not very discreet. You go, Oscar!







1 comment:

pattboy92 said...

Mrs. L,

I see your point about the spouse situation.  But I think it's a matter of the lesser of evils.  I think you're better off making sure your friend DOES know, because if you don't tell and the friend finds out on his or her own, what do you do when their spouse says, "Well, your friend knew about it!" in an effort to deflect some of the blame.

You're right that it's a lose-lose situation...then again, it's always good to cover your rear end in such a situation if you can!  ;)

Thanks for playing!