Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Saturday Six

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1. If you could give your journal a content rating, which would you select:  G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17?

R.  For swear words mostly, although I've been cutting back.  I got a patch for it - put it near my mouth.  It makes me feel like I've been swearing, but all the expletives are deleted.

No violence -- yet.

However, I'm not adverse to using an occasional sexual innuendo, if I can remember one. 

Usually I manage to write a clean entry about something that catches the eye of an AOL editor -- Women's Talk, Music Talk, Sports Talk, I cover the world. So I get an IM or an email that claims they are "considering" my entry [there's always that fudge factor].

Even the Fab Five editor contacted me -- early on. But then they must read some of the more R-rated entries I write and start thinking, hm-m-m, maybe not. 

So a music thing I wrote is all that's ever been featured. And they ran it all over the place. 

I've had my fifteen minutes. And I got over it.

Just as well, too, because the creeps came flying out of the woodwork, sending me IM's, and using the word "erotic" like it was on sale at Filene's.  

What was the question again?

2. Are you left handed or right handed?  Do you wish you were the opposite?

I love my double handedness.  It's my only unusual talent. Wouldn't change it for the world.

I can write with both hands at the same time.  Mirror writing simultaneously from R to L with my left-hand, while I write regularly, L to R, with my right.  

I'm primarily lefthanded, but ambidextrous enough that I use the mouse right-handed.  Because that's where it was when I learned how to use a computer.

I use a baseball bat, golf club, and hockey stick right handed. 

But I play racquet sports and throw lefty.

I write left-handed.  But I have three different kinds of handwriting.  They're so different, I've been able to fool handwriting experts -- you know those graphologists who come to parties to analyze your writing? I'd love to fool someone at the FBI.  For money.  But I digress. 

I crochet right-handed, because that's how my grandmother taught me.

In college the only way you could iron was right-handed so I switched.  And I still iron that way, when something absolutely, positively has to be ironed.

I used to wear a watch on my left arm which usually means you're right-handed.  But now I wear one on my right.  When I wear one.

In fact there are probably things I do that I think are left-handed, but are really right-handed. 

Aren't you riveted by this?

3. What is the last play you saw performed live in a theater?

"His Way" is a musical salute to Frank Sinatra at NBC Towers in Chicago.  Two months ago I took a bunch of folks from out of town to see it.  Okay, that's not a play, I know.

Second City was the last "play" I saw.  But, actually, that's a revue.

Oh, there was a dinner theater production of "Mouse Trap" which featured the daughter of a friend as the lead female.  But that's amateurs.

Frankly, I prefer opera and anything musical to a play.  Plays are so damn wordy.  Even comedies.  I would rather go to a comedy club.  Gimme da glitz, glamour, music and spectacle on stage. 

Once I went to Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago to see John Mahoney in something that turned out to be terrible.  I'm not into bare stage productions -- imagine an entire city behind us -- no, thank you. 

But I did get a surprise when a neighbor of mine was also in the play.  Hey -- Chet, that's not how you look when you're mowing the lawn!

4. Your bank gives you the opportunity to send them a photo which they will make into personal checks for you?  What single photo would you most likely send?

A picture of my two daughters.  Or Clint Eastwood.

5. What character from the original "Star Trek" do you most identify with?

I'll tell you if you tell me your favorite episode of Oprah.

Heather:  What secret urge do you have, but never act on?

I have pretty much acted on all my urges, which may explain why I'm on crutches these days.

Oh, wait, I really do want a dog, but I travel too much, so I've been keeping this one in check.  I get my fix by visiting my friends who have dogs.




cyberdancer1008 said...

that's it.  This journal is going on alerts.  I adore your digressions.

sharkie412 said...

I am riveted! Good explanations to your questions. I loved the left or right handed explanation. I've tried using my left hand for example to play pool. Make those shots possible without using what us players term the b*** stick. Well I cannot do it no matter how hard I try. Wan however, on the Masters Player list plays me left handed the whole time and kicks my butt every step of the way. Naturally he'll play right handed in his tourneys...

cneinhorn said...

I'm riveted too....and a left handed blonde who uses the mouse with my right hand and wears a watch, when I wear one on the left!

pollysci said...

Say it ain't so, Ms. L!

Don't cave to societal pressures and mumbo-jumbo.  I don't care what they say.  Enjoying a well-developed potty mouth isn't a sign of weakness.  

It's good for calming nerves and relieving stress.  Sometimes the right combination of words can act as an appetite supressant.  

It doesn't cause 2nd-hand swearing or impotency (well, unless the words are intended to have a cold shower effect).  And if someone frowns upon your oratory fixation, simply inform him that you can quit anytime.  

Then, kindly direct that person to Hades and instruct him not to let the door brush his posterior whilst on his way there.  :)

~tara :)