Saturday, October 23, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six

To play you can either answer the questions in a comment at Patrick's Place [see Other Journals], or put the answers in an entry on your journal -- either way, leave a link to your journal so that everyone else can visit!  (And if you're playing for the first time, please be sure to say so in the comment!)  Enjoy!

1. Think back to your years of Trick or Treating:  Which one of your past Halloween costumes are you most proud of?

My witch costume when I was in my thirties. Witch shoes with a long black witch dress, complete with cape, pointy hat and fabulous green make up on my face and hands. Scared the poop out of a bunch of kids at a filling station when I got out to pump gas.

There was also the time my [former] husband and I went as each other.  He wore one of my nightgowns and a wig that matched my hair.  I wore one of his three piece suits, a pair of wing tips and a wig that matched his hair. Wish I could find that picture.

2. What is the format of your favorite radio station?  (In other words, what type of music does it play?)

Smooth jazz.  WNUA Chicago. Free live streaming audio. Does your jazz station feature Ramsey Lewis live at the piano as the morning DJ on your city's jazz station? WNUA does!!!

3. What is the oldest thing in your medicine cabinet?

A pretty much unused tube of some kind of eye cream for one of my daughters who got pink eye. It's dated January 1, 1990.  I think its time is up.

4. What kind of book do you most prefer:  hardback, paperback, audio or library?

I prefer audio, but I want them to read the WHOLE book and not leave anything out.  After audio, it's paperback because I travel so much.

5. What is your favorite comfort food and when was the last time you felt bad enough that you needed a big helping of it?

Over the years my comfort food has changed from a chocolate malt and fries to Godiva chocolates to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to shrimp with cocktail sauce and now sushi. I need a California roll once a week.  Because I deserve it.   

Dust off your high school yearbook.  What was your Senior quote and/or what were you voted ''Most...'' or ''Most Likely To....''?

There were almost 900 students in my graduating class. No room for quotes and other stuff. We were lucky to get our pictures taken.

However, if there had been room, my senior quote would have been something really lame from Kahlil Gibran and I would have been voted one of the class clowns. If there had been a vote, I'd probably win most likely to make you laugh your ass off at something zany I did.


cneinhorn said...

I love the halloween costumes of your and and yourself, what a great idea! The photos must be found! LOL  

cneinhorn said...

what was I trying to say there?!  "of you and your ex"  duh! but I bet you knew that!