Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mrs. Linklater gets a question to answer

"Mrs. L reminds me of Prudence on Slate. Very similar tone. Here's my question: can a Black woman rise to the top of the platform tennis world? And could I bring my family?"
Question from
kahluadiva - 11/14/04 5:13 AM

Mrs. Linklater is flattered by kahluadiva's comparison to Prudence, although she can't claim Prudie's expertise in marriage, having only been married and divorced once. 

Prudence, on the other hand, has had four husbands, one of whom was Ken Howard, who played the coach on The White Shadow and most recently, the bartender father on Crossing Jordan.

Prudie, or Margo Howard as she is known in civilian life, is also the daughter of Ann Landers [aka Eppie Lederer] the woman who pretty much defined the advice column genre.  Now where was I?

Oh, yes, kahluadiva asked Mrs. Linklater a question, the first one she has received since coming out of the advice column closet, by the way. Too bad we can't have it bronzed or dipped in Lucite and made into a paperweight. 

AND THE ANSWER IS:  Yes.  And yes.  Yes a black woman could rise to the top of the platform tennis world, despite the fact that the sport is currently the nearly exclusive domain of white people who belong to private country clubs. 

Mrs. Linklater is happy to report the existence of TWO public racket clubs in her area that accept members based on their ability to pay the dues. [There's a novel approach to membership.] She herself is a member of one. And recommends their chicken sandwiches on nine grain bread.

Unfortunately these clubs are in the Chicago area, which might make getting to your weekly matches on time from another state somewhat difficult. But not impossible, with a little planning.

As for bringing your family, YES OF COURSE -- platform tennis is all about family. Your nanny can supervise the little tykes with educational toys while you play. If for some reason you should be detained on the courts playing a third set, she can also offer them a tasty repast of tomato and cucumber sandwiches on crustless white bread with bibb lettuce and mayonnaise.

Mrs. Linklater has only one question regarding kahluadiva's proposed ascent to the top of the platform tennis heap:  How soon can you learn to play?


somenuttychic said...

Love it!

By the way GREAT NEW PHOTO, MRS. L.!  

greyhoundloner03 said...

Glad to see you took my advice on the photo, L...and congrats on coming out.


kahluadiva said...

wow, you're a go-getter, Mrs. L! I can learn to play as soon as a (hopefully) handsome benefactor implements a scholarship for minority grad students in neighboring states. I say minority, b/c I think Affirmative Action would have to step in for me to enter the world of platform tennis. I have visions of perfectly nice white ppl handing their children to me to watch while they play, or asking for another Gin Fizz.

jevanslink said...

Not if you were carrying a knock off Luis Vuitton bag like they do.  LOL. Mrs. L

cneinhorn said...

hmm, unless it comes in a box with a happy toy, my little one would never eat those kind of sandwiches, and sit quietly with her nanny,  while I'm playing against kahluadiva, so I guess my PT career is over before it even started, ::sigh::