Saturday, November 20, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six

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1. Other than news, sports, editorials and weather, which specific features or columns of the newspaper do you always read?

Advice columns, the more the merrier.  Because they are SOOOO bad they're good. And without them the "Ask Mrs. Linklater" segment of this journal would have to be about home repair, which is not one of her strong suits.  

2.  When do you normally do your Christmas shopping?  Have you started this year's, yet?  Do you intend to spend more, less or the same this year versus last year?

I spend as little time as possible shopping. Thank goodness there's Harry and David, Omaha Steaks, things you can ORDER by phone.  I'm big on gift cards too.  My motto -- the thoughtful gift is just a pain. Fast and easy does it. Oh, and YOU are into the joy of giving, I suppose? For anything else -- the closer to Christmas the better.  I'm all about getting into the Christmas spirit, but for that I need snow, a fire in the fireplace, the smell of spiced cider and plenty of egg nog.

3. You're having a true "TV Dinner," made by a classic character:  who would you rather have in the kitchen:
A) Aunt Bee from "The Andy Griffith Show"
B) Alice from "The Brady Bunch"
C) June from "Leave it to Beaver"
D) Edith from "All in the Family"
E) Claire from "The Cosby Show"

Claire from Cosby.  She's the only one who doesn't wear housedresses and has a successful career as a professional. So I know the food would be good, since we'd probably order out.

4. What topic are you most sick of hearing about in J-Land?

The election. The war. AOL Terms of Service. Anything we have no power to change.  And a special shout out to Jeff and Anna.

5. What company is annoying you most with junk mail?

One of the universities I attended sends me travel junk all the time. I mean, ALL THE TIME. Most of them are for learning cruises where you can take a course in Italian art as you cruise the Mediterranean, or study the feeding habits of killer whales while you boat through Antarctica.  Like I want to take a midterm while I'm on vacation.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #32 from Chantal:  What cheesy sitcom (from any era) most describes how you grew up? Your family, location, dynamics, details...

The new funny one on Fox with Jeffry Tambor as the incarcerated dad, Jessica Walter as the wacko mom and Jason what's his face as the son who tries to maintain sanity.  You know the one I mean!!!!!  AHA!! Arrested Development! 

I know people just like the folks on that show.  The big surprise is that they aren't in my family for a change.


armandt said...

but... we DO have the power to change TOS.  All we need to do is feign satisfaction and *poof* - presto change-o...

pollysci said...

You're family was Arrested Development too??  Mom?? ;)

Good answers... especially Claire Huxtable.  But why get take out?  Isn't that why one has 5 to go to the market, one to clean home, one to make roast beef, one to make buns and one to clean up the puppy wee wee all over the home?