Sunday, November 7, 2004

Weekend Assignment #32

Congratulations! The American People have elected you President -- for one day. You are allowed to make one Executive Order. What is it? 

Extra Credit: The Presidential Medal of Freedom is America's highest civilian honor. Give it to someone.

From now on every Thursday is BIKE TO WORK day.  Anyone who lives within twenty miles of their job cannot use any kind of transportation that eats gas.

Okay, they are ENCOURAGED not to drive their cars.

But as their reward,they get to deduct the cost and maintenance of their bike and they can take a dollar, no $20, a mile off their income taxes.  And we can save enough on energy use to frighten OPEC into lowering their prices.

The Medal of Freedom should be awarded to every American soldier.  A special ribbon should be designed.  Each service should have a ceremony to honor each man or woman currently serving in the military. 


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cneinhorn said...

I just knew if you were running the show, you'd come up with some interesting concepts!