Friday, December 24, 2004

Full Contact Pimpin

Mrs. Linklater is still packing for her trip tomorrow, oops, today. She is so slow. Maybe because she hasn't actually done much packing. Instead, she's been, uh, procrastinating. Now it's way after midnight and the cab will arrive at 7:00 AM.  Leaving on an early airplane is against her religion, but that's the plan.  Meanwhile here's a nice pimp for three journals [hers is one] by Dalene of AHH [you can link to her journal from Mrs. Linklater's Other Journals].    


Hi,   I have included your journal in my first ThURLsday Tour and am hoping you do not mind what I have written, but if you do, let me know. Wishing Happy Holidays! for you and your daughters, Dalene  

It's The ThURLsday Tour

Before I begin my first ever ThURLsday tour of notable blogs and journals for the week, I give credit where credit is due and introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers. I first read about the ThURLsday tradition over at Worldwide Pablo, where the cranky, independent, skeptical Paul offers up news and commentary ground fresh daily, Monday through Friday. I rarely miss a day of checking in to see what Paul has to say about the daily eyebrow raising power struggling shenanigans being played out on the local and national stage of politics, religion and popular culture. Although it is his skeptically cranky independence that gives him the span of edgy and insightful perspective, I can see straight through his tagline to the most tenderhearted compassionate humans on the planet that is Paul.

I maintain an AOL Journal, therefore, the first AHH ThURLsday Tour will feature AOL journals of this week's delightful and exceptional discovery.

First is Sue's, WildSeed WildFlower, who has created the Virtual Holiday Celebration, a feast for her journal friends. It is magnificent! Sue is an excellent nature writer, who is wellspoken and writes passionately about her forest, and I am inspired by her commitment and concerns for protecting this earth and the animals that have no voice, other than the voice of Sue and all who work to stand betweem them and destruction.

At Mrs. Linklater's Guide to the Universe, Mrs. Linklater, with the refreshing hilarity of razor sharp wit and original intelligence, is an intrepid advisor to the advice columnists. In addition, Mrs. Linklater can take a quite ordinary day and transform it into an adventure to rival any gonzo photojournalist. A must daily read for anyone who knows the value of retaining a perspective on perspective, which can only be accomplished with a sense of humor. [Is that cool or what? Mrs. L]

One link led to another link and I found myself at Judith Heartsong's journal, her paintings and her Artsy Essay Contest. Judith is a professional artist and muralist, and her work hangs in many public and private collections. This does not surprise me, as I grew up with a father who was a musician and a mother who was an artist, and surrounded as I was by music and art, Iknow the soul of an artist when I see it. I was so awestruck by the quality of Judith's paintings, which she features online in her journal, that I was prompted to enter her essay contest in appreciation of all that she freely shares in her journal.

I hope you find these three women as captivatingly exceptional and as delightful in discovery as I did, and include them in your daily reads. One will touch your heart, one will engage your mind, one will move your soul. All three will change your day for the better.

With my first ThURLsday Tour done, I wish you, your family and friends, all the very best the holiday has to offer. Peace.

Thanks, Dalene. Your thoughtful, well-written journal has me laughing and crying, thinking and reflecting, usually in the same visit. And I found it thanks to Judithheartsong's Artsy Essay contest. We've come full circle. Mrs. L


cneinhorn said...

Super Pimp....well deserved too :-)


judithheartsong said...

she and her journal are a delight!! judi