Sunday, December 19, 2004


Now, on to this week's questions.  To play you can either answer the questions in a comment at Patrick's Place [see Other Journals], or put the answers in an entry on your journal. But either way, leave a link to your journal so that everyone else can visit!  Enjoy!

1. What is your all-time least favorite Christmas Carol or holiday song?

Anything by those stupid Chipmunks, with their inane falsetto-voiced renditions that have pretty much destroyed every Christmas song ever written.

2. Who is the most difficult person on your shopping list to buy a gift for, and have you already purchased his or her gift, yet?

There is nobody who is difficult to buy a gift for. Because Blockbuster, Starbucks, and Border's have a gift card for everyone. And I've still got five days to shop. Well, four, I'm on an airplane one of those days.

3. What picture are you least proud of:
    A) Your most recent professional portrait
    B) Your driver's license photo
    C) Your passport photo
    D) Your work ID photo
    E) Your senior class portrait

For three years my driver's license photo was my absolute worst picture. Several people ahead of me in line asked to have theirs taken again, but they were rebuffed.  But when my photo came back the photographer took one look at it and volunteered to shoot it again.  I said, no, a driver's license photo should look terrible. That's its job. Now I have a new, more normal looking photo.

Lately my passport photo is the one that looks the worst. And yes, just like the DMV, a Customs Agent in London suggested that I get a new picture taken. "This barely resembles you, Miss." Hey, he called me "Miss." [Wait a minute, I wonder if he thought the photolooked better than I do in person.  Hmm-m-m.]  Luckily my passport expires next year and I can get a new bad picture.

4. How many Christmas/holiday parties have you been invited to this month and how many have you (or will you) attend?

If you count the guy at the filling station who asked if I wanted to par-TAY after he got off work as I was paying for my gas -- then eight. And I've been to four so far.

5. A previously-unknown rich relative appears and offers to buy you the car of your choice.  What would you like?

As long as I can keep my Jeep for the winter weather, I'll take anything made by BMW -- with a stick shift.

6. What is your favorite thing to wear around the house when you know no one else is at home?  Is that what you're wearing as you answer these questions?

My absolute favorite clothes, bar none -- my big and baggy black sweats with the hoody that has a pocket for your hands in front. However, right now it's so cold I am layered with a silk shirt underneath a turtleneck underneath a fleece jacket with lined workout pants and two pairs of socks -- a pair of thin silk liners and a pair of huge woolies. Plus something for my ears -- there seems to be a breeze in here.  And a pair of shades because it's really bright today.  Just wait till I go outside.

Picture from Hometown

Computer's eye view of Mrs. Linklater wearing some of her indoor winter clothing.



cneinhorn said...

Mrs. L, you look fabulous!  :-)  (my passport photo is horrible too, but I'll be getting a new one in the next few months, but first, the diet ;-)  )


lamove04 said...

Wow, you're popular!  I'm impressed, even getting picked up at gas stations, but I guess that was more an invitation to Par-TAY, rather than attend a nice sophisticated party. --Albert

judithheartsong said...

I hate the Chipmunks too, and I layer clothes like you do.............. I have been cold non-stop since moving here from Florida!!! judi