Saturday, December 4, 2004

Patrick's Saturday Six

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1. Think back to weddings you have attended (other than your own):  what was the nicest part of the one you liked the most?

WHEN IT WAS OVER.  I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?  Mrs. Linklater is a little cynical about weddings.  The last three couplings she attended lasted eight months, five months, and at the third, the bride walked down the aisle of the church pregnant out to here in an expensive white gown with a long train.  WTF?  

Okay, give it a rest. The nicest part of any wedding I've been to was my friend's daughter's wedding one summer, when all the guests released butterflies after the ceremony. It was very -- okay, I'm choking on this  -- SWEET.

2. What is your favorite color and which room of your home has the most of this color in it?

My favorite color for clothes is not my favorite color for a room. So there's nothing fushia around here.  I wouldn't mind a Chinese red room, but so far green has been the predominant color.  Deep forest green and white in the living room -- I have almost 1000 books in there, so it looks more like a library. And a teal green and lavender floral pattern in one of the bedrooms.  With white wicker that hasn't been moved in from the porch.

3. What is your favorite kind of popcorn:
A) Unsalted
B) Buttered
C) Extra Butter
D) Kettle Corn
E) Caramel Corn

Okay, where's the cheese popcorn?  And what the heck is kettle corn?

4. Take a little time (!!) for a quick inventory of the clocks in your home:  how many do you have and what is the widest difference between any two of them?

I'm not a clock or watch person.  I can probably tell you what time it is without one. But I do have an alarm clock that I only use to wake me up to catch early flights, something I avoid like the plague.

To check the time otherwise, I use the clock on my computer, the clock in my car, the clock on the microwave, or the clock on the old VHS player, which I don't use for anything EXCEPT to tell time.  Both of my TV's have internal VHS players.

My stepmother, on the other hand, has seven wind up antique clocks between the dining room, the living room, and the hallway.  And none of them keeps time.  She once had them all fixed and working. You could go mad with the bonging. Now the main one she uses to tell the real time is the digital clock on the stove in the kitchen.

5. When was the last time you used a real rotary dial telephone to place a call?

A friend who had a house in Aspen, with all the amenities you might expect, kept an old rotary phone around for some reason.  I think it was to annoy the guests.  I didn't have a cell phone then and had to use the damn thing.   It took four tries to dial out.

Shannon:  What is your favorite sport and why?

Anything with a racquet.  Ping pong, tennis, platform tennis, beach paddle and racketball. Probably squash, too, but never played it. I'm good at these sports, having started playing tennis very young.

If I had lots of money, my favorite sport would be dressage.  Because I've loved horses since I began riding at seven. But that one takes a wad o' dough. And time.

Ooops, I keep forgetting I am injured and can't participate in sports right now, except for swimming. Which is not a sport, it's a chemical bath. Have you been in a pool lately?


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Funny how similar our answers are this week ;)  
Kettle corn is popped in a big pan with some sugar, and I think salt & butter too.  It's good, kind of sweet.  

salemslot9 said...

yeah...kettle corn is sweet and salty...can be made in the microwave...I don't care for it...I prefer "Popsecret Homestyle" when it comes to the microwave...I have an old "Stir Crazy" popcorn popper...using a saucepan beats those...old fashioned way?...rememember when there was no food in the house...except popcorn?

cneinhorn said...

I couldn't make up my mind with the colors, so I have a red living room (with white crown molding and white built in bookcases), a gold and creme kitchen, a burgundy and navy blue dining room, a green hallway, a blue bedroom, and just for interest, a really really dark blue ceiling to look like the midnight sky.....a ocean blue bathroom.....colors colors everywhere!  I hope I can sell my house oneday without having to repaint! LOL ;-)    

anthume said...

I hadn't changed the dial phones because tehy were leased from AT&T and had to be returned somewhere strange like in Denver. But I found there was a place in Dallas where I could return them and did it...astounding the people in the office who had never had a return of a leased dial phone. I replaced them with cheapo phones purchased from Wal-Mart in Glenwood Springs. The dial phones were built like trucks compared to any new phone I have seen.