Monday, March 7, 2005

Big Foot

I flew out east to for a funeral last Thursday.  Along with three days of extended family and friends, a feast of food, enough flowers to open a botanic park, and a wonderful celebration of a lovely woman's life, there were moments like the one pictured above.  Where we all gathered round to measure an eleven year old grandchild's foot against her thirty year old cousin's foot. Not that they're long or anything, but that kid's hooves are growing so fast she'll have to be 7 feet tall just to catch up to them.

Coming back, I was waylaid by the TSA folks for one of their magic wand inspections followed by a patdown.  "For more sensitive areas, we use the back of our hand."  I had the option of doing it in private.  NO -- I want witnesses!!!!  And, since I was flying out of Newark, we took off late.  I think Andy Borowitz summed up my experience in his recent newsletter:  

After circling the globe without being able to eat, sleep or move, millionaire Steve Fossett said now he knows how it feels to fly coach.


robbush6 said...

My daughter's 11 and can wear my shoes. Too bad a woman had to die in order to find out.

artloner said...

footsie contest=sweet



cneinhorn said...

funny photo! yes, Newark airport is notoriously tardy! ~JerseyGirl

somenuttychic said...

I was wearing a size 10 shoe by the time I was 13, but my growth spurt stopped at 5'10". Errrr ummm, excuse me, 5'9". (I got measured yesterday at the doctor's office. What a bummer. I always thought I was 1" taller. :-)

Delayed at an airport and stuck in a plane. Nope. I don't miss it. Thanks for the reminder.