Saturday, March 12, 2005

Do You Answer The Doorbell No Matter What?

if your doorbell rang this very moment would you do whatever it took to answer it?  For instance, if you weren't dressed for answering doors, would you quickly put on clothes and try to get there before the doorbell ringer left?

Over time, I have stopped answering the doorbell unless I am expecting someone. Because it's never anyone I want to see.  In fact I'm sitting here writing in my journal in my birthday suit and a turtleneck, so when the doorbell rang a moment ago, I didn't answer it.  I didn't even look to see who might be out there. Even when they opened the storm door and knocked.  I didn't jump up pull on some sweats and some shoes just so I could tell them to read the NO SOLICITORS sign.  If it's important, they'll call.  Of course, I don't answer the house phone either unless I'm expecting a call, because everyone who knows me calls me on my cell phone.  


salemslot9 said...

If someone comes to my front door...I know they must be trying to sell something...everyone else uses the side door...don't even shovel snow to the front door...mail box is on the street...not keen on answering the phone either...have answering machine, too.

somenuttychic said...

I generally don't answer my doorbell either, because it's either A) The God Squad B) Somebody trying to sell me something or C) My mailman. If it's the time of day that mail is delivered, I *might* answer it. It's basically the same for my home phone. The people who are very close to me know to call me on my cell. Everyone else can wait. (And wait, and wait.) :-)

And um . . . a TURTLENECK and your birthday suit? lol

artloner said...


first the "turtleneck and birthday ensemble'", then the "god squad"?????

*a toast to two of my favorite gals in JLand"!!!!!!!!!

*as for my anwswer, NO, I DON'T. If it's anyone who really KNOWS me, they'll know that it takes me a moment to make sure Peekabo is behind bars, and Scribby in his favorite spot in the crook of my arm (barking like the Bull Mastiff that he thinks he is)...and just to get myself to the door without stumbling and rebreaking something is a chore in and of itself...I love where I live, there is a small atrium to each building, so no one has immediate access to my door anyway. Neighbors notice if anybody they don't know is in the building.

artloner said...

btw: I've missed you, Ms.M...


tdain2003 said...

Nope... not unless I am expecting someone.  I can't stand when people just 'drop in'.  I refuse to answer.  I think it's rude to just come by without calling.  So, I ignore them.