Saturday, March 12, 2005

Weekend Assignment #Eleventy-Ninety-Two

Weekend Assignment: Art for Art's Sake

Time for the Weekend Assignment, and this week, Blogmeister Scalzi is getting all artistic on us:

Weekend Assignment #50: Tell us about an artwork -- painting, sculpture or other visual work -- which had a significant impact on you. Note this doesn't have to be your "favorite" piece of art, or the one you like the most (although it can be, if you want): He's looking for the work that made you think, or affected you in an unexpected way.

Extra Credit: Assuming money was no object, how much would you spend on a piece of art?

Extra Credit first:  The idea is to spend as little as possible and have what you've purchased become worth millions.

So nothing over $1000. $100 is even better.


There isn't enough space for all the pictures I want to post.  So go to Google.  Click on Images.  Type in Jackson Pollack.  Pick anything he ever painted.

When I read all the fuss about his work and then saw it, I said, "If he can paint.  Anyone can paint."  And that's a good thing.  It means that we all have the ability.  Some people, and you can include Picasso in this bunch, just have better marketing

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artloner said...

Awww bebe~that means you'll LOVE my work! Long Live The Outsider Artists!