Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ev'rybody's Got A Laughin' Place

I just got around to reading the essays from Judithheartsong's January contest. The subject was your favorite place.  The link [you have to copy and paste it] below didn't win, but it's the one I would have picked, about one man's favorite place in front of an audience, on stage.

It made me realize that my laughing place is this journal.  And how much this stage, where I can spend my time laughing at the world and making people laugh with me or at me, satisfies my soul, too.

"This place allows me, in the far reaches of my often troubled psyche, an escape into the skin of someone else and live a life that is far removed from my own.  I am safe here. I am loved here. I am ME here. As odd as it may sound, I can be whomsoever I choose, but I am never truer to myself than when I am here."  


mosie1944 said...

I enjoy his journal too.  And I'm glad you have this laughing-place I can share.

judithheartsong said...

Yes, it was a wonderful entry..... the judges had much difficulty deciding. Great entry!! judi

artloner said...

Somehow I missed your entry and I'm sorry, Michael. It is one of your best...tres' thanks to Mrs L for reminding me to come back here and read.

Comment from artloner - 3/14/05 12:22 AM

(thanks L)