Saturday, March 26, 2005

New Era of Spelling

I wonder how long it will take for the DNA of our language to evolve from its current usage, with capital letters and an array of spelling rules from other languages, to no capital letters at all and pure phonetics. Before the internet it might have taken centuries.  With text messaging and a whole generation of "creative" spellers already out there sending IM's, a millennium of change may be reduced to a nano second.

lik wen u want to tel me that ur tiard of riteen mi naim az Mrs. Linklater and u want to spel it misus leenklatr.  

Just a thot.


swmpgrly said...

O wat a krativ thawt .

tdain2003 said...

LMAO in AOL lingo!
You kill me misus leenklatr.

kissofvanity said...

Ah, yes....a universal language of text messaging.
U R 2 funny, Mrs. L!!

Ana  ((0.~))

sieblonde said...

Kill me first.  k?

lamove04 said...

Id wrt "Ms Lnkltr"  lss ltrs.  --Abt

cyndygee said...

thot i'd tell u that do 2 ur kreeativetee and great influence on all J-landers, im puttin ur name in the hat for john's new suggested journals.

check out my picture in motion.  Pretty sccccaaaaarrrreeee!!!!!!