Sunday, March 27, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six Easter Bunny Edition

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So...let's have a new set of questions, shall we?  This week, the case of Terri Schiavo has been dominating news headlines from coast to coast.  The first four questions will pertain to this theme in general.

1. Do you believe that Terri Schiavo should be allowed to die or that she should be kept alive?

"Allowed to die" assumes that she has a choice. And you're giving her permission to go ahead with something she wants to do.  Her husband wants us to think he knows what she wants.  He doesn't know what she wants. He knows what HE wants. He wants her dead.  He can't prove she would want to die.  There's nothing in writing.
Her parents and her family want to keep her alive at their expense.  Her husband may have reasons for her to die that have nothing to do with her actual wishes.  Let her live.

2. Has the Schiavo case made you take any action towards creating a living will of your own?

I've told my children what I want.  A DNR [Do Not Resuscitate] order.  Donate my body to medical science after they have a chance to say good bye. Then scatter my ashes when they come back from the medical school. Geez, Patrick, these sure aren't the jolly questions we know and love.

3. Let's forget what we know -- or more likely, what we think we know -- about Schiavo's condition.  If you suffered a brain injury that would leave you in a non-responsive vegetative state (whether Schiavo is in this state or not) and your doctors said that there was so much brain damage that there would be no hope of recovery, would you want to be kept alive no matter what?

Pull the plug.  Use the money being spent to keep me alive to have a great party after my memorial service.  

4. Has anyone outside of your immediate family ever asked you to be their "personal representative" to make such a decision on their behalf if they ever suffer a severe injury?  Do you think you could really make the decision?

Nobody has asked me.  Nobody should ask me.  Except my children.  But at this point they need to be MY personal representatives.

5. Do you have a special outfit ready for Easter Sunday?  Does your family have any special Easter traditions?

I have a very expensive Easter Hat.  In storage.  I went to church Saturday night accidentally.  I thought my niece was being christened in a private ceremony. Surprize -- it was not only public, but it was an evening candlelight Easter service with a full choir plus a girl on a trumpet for a whole group of baptismal celebrants.  

Communion.  Followed by a champagne reception.  All the lights in the church were turned off.  The choir led everybody outside where the pachal candle was lit. Then everyone walked back into the darkened church.  Once inside the pachal candle was used to light the candle of the first choir member who lit the second choir member's candle, and so on and so on and so on. The candles were all we had to see with.  I nearly set my program on fire.  I did drip wax all over my slacks. And the baptism part was a little like bathing by candlelight.  Only I'm not usually doing that in church.

6. What room of your house is the absolute messiest?  Would you ever let a house guest see it?

The basement.  Okay, my computer room.  Let a houseguest see it?  Too late.

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