Friday, March 25, 2005

Saturday Six from Last Saturday

1. You know company is coming:  do you panic and immediately begin cleaning house or do you sit back and relax because your place is already clean?


2. Which was a bigger surprise for you:  
a) Robert Blake was acquitted
b) Martha Stewart did jail time
c) Scott Peterson was sentenced to death
d) The Michael Jackson trial began at all  

Robert Blake was acquitted?  That man is so guilty. Even though Scott Peterson was convicted with similar evidence, i.e., circumstantial, apparently this jury wanted more CSI evidence like you see on TV.  It was also the first loss for the prosecutor in at least thirty cases.

3. What was in the last package you received in the mail?

Something from Amazon -- books or DVD's.  That unmarked package in the brown wrapper wasn't for me.

4. What commercial annoys you the most at the moment?

Just because I write them doesn't mean I have to watch them.  The phrase "annoying commercial" is redundant.

5. What charity was the last one to call you to solicit a donation?  Did you give them money?  Why or why not?

The American Cancer Society.  No.  I don't talk to people reading from a script.

6. What common household product do you hate to run out of the most?

Besdies toilet paper, napkns and paper towels, because that's what I use when I run out of teepee.


salemslot9 said...


salemslot9 said...

birth control commercial..."there she goes...there she goes again"...ugh.