Monday, March 21, 2005

Schiavo Versus Schiavo

 Terri Schiavo, before

Here is my question:

Why can't Michael Schiavo just be allowed to divorce his wife?  And get on with abusing other women.  Like the girlfriend he had right after Terri's "accident."

If you're going to create legislation to get Terri back on the feeding tube, why not just grant Michael a divorce, so her parents can assume all responsibility for her the way they want to.

That would solve a lot.  I'm sure the answer is found somewhere in that murky legal quagmmire of responsibility when one spouse can no longer write his or her name on a document and no one has power of attorney. 

But back to Michael. I am intrigued by the possibility that Terri was strangled to the point of asphyxiation and subsequent brain damage by a husband who was probably upset that she wanted a divorce. Ever since, he's been trying to say she had an eating disorder and that's what brought on her coronary problems.

Oh, and if she dies he's not allowing an autopsy of her body.  Straight to cremation.

By the way did you know there is a $750K medical fund that Terri acquired via a medical malpractice lawsuit which is payable to her inheritor when she dies. Gee, wonder who that would be?

Michael Baden, the eminent forensic medical examiner who often appears on AUTOPSY for HBO, felt Schiavo should have been arrested for trying to kill his wife, based on X-rays he reviewed of her body following her "heart attack," which showed multiple traumatic injuries.

Can't somebody come up with a way for this creep to get on with his life.  And spare his wife an unpleasant death.





salemslot9 said...

right on

pollysci said...

the parents could:

1.  appeal to prosecutors to open a case, thus requiring an autopsy.  If found guilty of anything, el hubbie would no longer be the legal heir to her money.

2.  file a wrongful death lawsuit.  Unfortunately, Florida is an excellent state for shielding assets from creditors ---though the crappy new bankruptcy legislation could end that.

3.  File the above suit and convince the trustee of the medmal money to interplead.

As for sparing the wife of an unpleasant death...I think she's already dead and any unpleasantness has been created by those keeping her in a vegetative state.


robbush6 said...

The judgment was $1.3 million, or so I'm told. Terri also responds to her parents. She's not dead. Just thinking. He's not trying to spare her an unpleasant death. He's trying to finish the job in case she decides to talk.

lmitc89854 said...

He won't divorce his wife cause then he would lose the money, although her parents have promised him all the money if he would just divorce her. And although he sued for the money and said he would take care of her forever, 3 months after he was awarded the money he stopped all rehab on her. He does not even allow the tv on or for her to have a spoon full of water.

judithheartsong said...

some of this information was new to me. I have always had a bad feeling about her hubby (we had been hearing about this case for a long time in Florida. Would not be at all surprised to learn that this was the cause of her injuries. judi

queenbigo said...

According to him, he doesn't want to divorce her.  The parents I think tried to have them divorced.  And it got shot down.  That bonehead said on Larry King last night that he can "love more than one person at a time".  I hope his girlfriend, you know the one he has children with, heard that.  

BTW, love your journal!!

Big O.

artloner said...

Well damnit...

You have stirred me up all over again. I have treated many people in Schiavo's condition, and waiting for her to "wake up" would ne like waiting for my spinal nerves to fix themselves. Unfortunately the lay persaon (present company excluded) does not understand that Mrs. Schiavo's brain is mush. It will not regenerate, or respond to any type of therapy. God knows I wish it would. Then I could have some hope for myself.

All that aside, I would like to hear more about her X-rays and alleged abuse. I understood that the 750,000 went for her care. Nursing/hospice care can be over 1200 bucks a week around here (the South), I can't imagine what it must be in the big cities. I agree with Mr. Schiavo's medical comments, and I can't imagine being in his shoes,


there is something

creepy about his face, that I can't put my finger on.

Can Mrs. L guide me to a source where I can view conveniantly leaked medical records? That she stumbled upon in the most innocent way, of course?  ;)

I adore you, as always,


tdain2003 said...

Amen, Mrs. L.