Sunday, April 3, 2005

Saturday Six Final Four Edition

1. What is your favorite fruit?  Favorite vegetable? Favorite type of meat?  What food causes your diet the most trouble?

Oranges, sliced in eight pieces. Or squeezed fresh as juice. Tomatoes. Off the vine. I eat grape tomatoes like candy. Prime beef anything. Riessen's chocolates.

2. What food do you think has the most ridiculous-sounding name?


3. If you had to pick one of the following to experience, which extreme adventure would you choose:
 A) Skydiving
 B) Mountain Climbing
 C) Scuba Diving
 D) Surfing in Hawaii
 E) Arctic Hiking in Alaska
 F) African Safari
 G) White Water Rafting

SKYDIVING WITHOUT A DOUBT.  I've done the swimming with stuff on your back thing, the white water rafting, okay canoeing, thing, watched Wild Kingdom, climbed midwestern mountains [that is NOT an oxymoron], and hung out with my daughter's extreme surfer boyfriend.  

Skydiving is the only one, except for BASE jumping which you didn't include, that has the ability to make me feel like I'm totally free and flying. It's also the only way to produce the kind of adrenaline rush to make me feel completely alive and yet seconds from dying at the same time.

To jump out of a plane and free fall with nothing but the wind between me and the ground would be a perfect way to start a new chapter in my life.  Or end it, depending on my mood. If I could wear oxygen and a suit to keep me warm, I'd jump from the stratosphere if they'd let me.

4. What skill do you most wish you could suddenly acquire in your sleep this evening?

I would like to wake up able to speak every language in the world.  If not that, then suddenly acquire an extensive knowledge of plumbing, based on what needs to be done around my house.

5. How many active prescriptions do you have at the moment.  Of those, how many do you take regularly?

Three prescriptions.  I take them every day.  One is to keep my feet from growing into furry appendages. Another is to keep myass from falling off.  I forget what the third is, but it's pink and I've always liked pink.

6. You're considering a major change or a big decision awaits you.  Are there any special images you ever dream that tend to guide you in one direction or another or that seem to suggest that the option you're considering is the right one?

Have I mentioned my dreams about flying?  When I'm happy I dream I'm flying. Gravity free. No security checks. Or capes.  No Priceline bidding.  No cancellations.  No bad weather.  Of course I only fly in my dreams AFTER I've made a good decision.  No little genies or dead relatives show up to help me make my choices, some of which I've made by flipping a coin. Since my philosophy has always been that it doesn't matter what decision you make, just make a decision --if you make a bad one, you can always undo it by making another one.


cneinhorn said...

I picked the language thing one point I was pretty good at German, spoke some Arabic...I still speak Dutch...but to be fluent in all of them, or at the very least, ALL the major languages, that would be so great!  


robbush6 said...

My condolences on the Illinois defeat. Did you see Megan's face after the game? The poor dear.

mombzbe said...

"Since my philosophy has always been that it doesn't matter what decision you make, just make a decision--"
LOL, you need to get that printed up on t-shirts.  You'd make a fortune, I'm sure.