Saturday, May 21, 2005

WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT -- Your Star Wars Moment

In 1877 [nice typo Mrs. L], I was a card carrying adult. Not a wannabe. A full contact married with children grown up. I went to the movies to be entertained in an adult way. [No, I didn't go to adult movies to be entertained.] I always wanted to learn something. Or be moved to tears. Or stunned by the photography, story, props, acting, costumes, price of the ticket. Stuff like that.  

So there I was, a year before my divorce was final. Needless to say, I had things on my mind that only a movie could distract. Getting settled in my seat, I was opening my Raisinets, nibbling on popcorn, and sipping a drink. They were all in various stages of consumption as I looked forward to some ClintEastwoodAlPacinoNameAnOlderActor movie, when the previews began.  

The theater we were in was old fashioned. In other words, it had a HUGE screen with one of them there new fangled state o' the art surround your seat with sound systems that make you twist your head and follow the singing, shouting, and shooting as it bounces from one wall to the other and back. 

Suddenly, a Captain Video meets Flash Gordon space fight starts zooming across the screen. The noise level of the guns shook my seat. The shouting between the good guys as they fought off the bad guys was deafening. Their screams were topped only by the shag carpet alien making noises more suitable for a porn movie [not that I would know], at a decibel level reserved for torture.

I sat frozen, as the action proceeded with such pace I had to be still or I would miss something.  My eyes were wide open, like those googly pictures of the runaway bride. My jaw was slack. The piece of popcorn I was about to eat sat disintegrating on my tongue  This was celluloid on steroids.  Suddenly, like brakes slamming to a stop at sixty mph, the frenzy ended.  And COMING SOON!! Star Wars!! flashed on the screen.

I turned to whoever I was with and snorted disdainfully, "Well, thatwas stupid."

My suburban sensibilities had been ripped from their moorings. That first experience aside, I've been hooked on Star Wars ever since. My favorite episodes are still four and five.  But this last one may earn a place on the shelf next to them.

Extra credit:  EWOKS -- good or evil.?  Let's see, Teddy Bears on meth.  What do you think? 


swibirun said...

Wow Mrs. L....I didn't realize they had movies in 1877!

suzypwr said...

1877? Wow. You are older than I am!

salemslot9 said...

Who knew?

wh1368 said...

Another great entry, Mrs. L!  

Star Wars {the first one to come out...they're all numbered weird} is hands down my favorite. Harrison Ford, Yum! ~Ann

indigosunmoon said...

Loved your Star Wars encounter Ms. L!!!

robbush6 said...

All I can say is, "Thank God for the shag-carpeted, screaming aliens among us." Otherwise, how would we know the difference?

kissofvanity said...

Meth....LOL....too funny.  :)


shaz19743 said...

I always wondered how the hell lucas came up with the names for the characters ....especially chewbacca ......the name counjours up a 80 year old sundried, moonshine swigging , veteran cowboy , who enjoys in his twighlight years nothing better than sitting on the porch aiming at a spittoon !