Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What Was She Thinking?

Might as well kick some ass this morning.

Two little girls were murdered on Mother's Day in Zion, Illinois, a town just north of Chicago best known for being just north of Chicago.

The girls were best friends.

In a heartbeat law enforcement has firmly affixed the blame on one girl's dad, Jerry Hobbs, who just got out of a Texas prison twenty some days ago.  Of course, they probably got a little suspicious when he was the first person to find the girls.

Not that former inmates deserve special scrutiny by the cops because of choices they have made in the past.  But you have to be glad the police smelled a rat right away.

His resume features fifteen years of fuck ups, including attacking his wife and neighbors with a chain saw not too long ago. Lots of battery, marijuana, ignoring anger management classes and other I'm A Loser arrests and trips to the slammer.

The only predicter of future behavior is past behavior. He was a timebomb whose fuse had been lit a long time ago.

But he isn't the reason I'm on a rant. His wife is. I mean his significant other. His partner. The woman who had his kids.

With a history of violent domestic abuse, why did this waste of DNA allow that sociopath, and the soon to be murderer of their innocent daughter, to come live with her, the kids and her parents when he got out of jail last month?

Once again, Mrs. Linklater is dumbstruck by the stupidity exhibited by battered women.  Despite all the articles, tv shows, news reports, and agencies that tell these women again and again that abusive men get worse, not better, the pile of dead bodies continues to rise.

No woman deserves to be abused.  But I don't have much sympathy for women who don't get way far away from these men. And continue to make babies with them.

Mrs. Hobbs' spouse didn't deserve a second chance to be a dad and a husband.  He'd already had his chance many times before. Thanks to Mom.

Turns out he murdered his daughter over a minor disciplinary problem, stabbing and beating her to death because her mom said she could go play a day early, when she had been grounded. WTF?

Dad got ticked because Mom had made a decision he didn't like.  So he took out his anger on the kid. And the little girl's best friend had the bad luck to be with her, so she was killed too.

If the mom is like most battered moms she probably thought she could control his anger.  Or at least manage it.  Instead of moving so far away from the guy he couldn't find them.

Yoo hoo -- you're an idiot.

Women like this are endangering their kids every day. They won't leave. They let these creeps come back. And they accept the abuse without taking responsibility for the damage it does to their children.

If anyone should be going to prison, it ought to be any mom who endangers her kids by not keeping them away from these nutcases.

At the very least they ought to take her other children away from her.

She is not only incompetent.  She was an accessory to murder.

Lock her up, too.


mombzbe said...

And throw away the key.

robbush6 said...

Might as well get right to it, that ass kickin.

What was she thinking? She wasn't. That's the problem. A battered woman is not in her right mind. The emotional abuse is far more damaging than the physical. This is a tragedy where everyone's a victim: the man who didn't have any life skills, the woman who was most likely stuck in a rut we can only imagine, the girls who never had a chance at normalcy.

It's sad, Mrs. L. Sad.

cneinhorn said...

I agree with the other comment that she was not in her right mind.  The whole situation is very sad.  They say it's murder by proxy, he killed the child to get back at the mother...who's sick, it's sad and I can only imagine the mother's pain and guilt  :-(  

somenuttychic said...

"She is not only incompetent.  She was an accessory to murder. Lock her up, too."

Agreed. That's disgusting. I almost can't decide who's worse, though I am leaning more toward him. But only a little.

jevanslink said...

Just for the record, the usually good-humored Mrs. L spent six years volunteering as a trained battered women's crisis line counselor and advocate. She has talked to  all kinds of battered women on the phone and in person. As for these babes not being in their right minds, they function quite normally, except when it comes to men. Most are embarrassed by their predicament, too much to ask for help. Yes there are exceptions -- women who become emotional, phyiscal and sexual slaves.

DV is only sad when it involves the children; it's a travesty when it comes to the lack of responsibility exhibited by the moms. They do not deserve to be left off the hook. Something has to be done to get them off their butts and out of that situation.  And not just when they're ready to make the move, because that usually comes too late.  

The men who batter show varying degrees of anger and abuse awareness. Some seem to have brownouts.   Hobbs' anger is probably so great that he witnessed himself murdering his daughter like someone watching from the other end of a tunnel.  Almost like different personality had taken over. The women don't call these guys Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for nothing.

End of rant II.  
Mrs. L

suzypwr said...

In my state, the family would be investigated after the death of one child to check on the safety of others. I agree with you totally.

ccancu said...


A mother's first responsibility is to her children, NOT her man!  She's certainly culpable.

indigosunmoon said...

Mrs. L,
I totally and 100% agree with you.
This was such a waste.  Those
precious lives...gone, all because
of sheer stupidity.