Monday, October 2, 2006


The Journals Editor has offered a solution to that strange purple bar that showed up in my Football Column Number Eleventy-One -- the bar I can't get rid of. The only thing interesting about it is that you can scroll your mouse over it and see the missing quotes from the newspaper article I copied.

Here's what Jeff [the new guy] at MagicSmoke said:

I took a look at your blog -- it seems that it's pulling in Style CSS from your "About Me" column.

I have no idea what Syle CSS is. Or how he knows this is the problem.

So, try removing this line of code:

<DIV class=sidebar style="FONT-FAMILY: verdana"> (and the relevant closing code.)

What button do I push to find html code? Have I mentioned I know nothing about manipulating html code? Plus I'm on a MAC so that may not be something that's even offered to me.

The easy way around would be to go to the entry, click "edit entry", select the HTML View. Then copy everything and paste it into Notepad, copy everything, and paste it back into your entry over the old code and republish. Notepad can automatically strip out a lot of weird code that appears automatically.

Like I thought, I can't choose HTML view.  I also don't have NOTEPAD, since that's a Windows option I believe.

Let me know how this works.

Sorry, nothing works.


thisismary said...

Well, Joe ... tried to help!  Remember you are dealing with AOL at least you talked to a person.

Anyway ~

You creative types and your Macs! Just think of your code problems as us dweebish PC types gettin all even cause you Macsters have the better machines.

jevanslink said...

The new guy is Jeff.  Joe is gone to greener pastures in AOL.  Mrs. L

screaminremo303 said...

Joe...Jeff... I think they're all pseudonyms for some Hadji-Baba sitting in a Bombay sweatshop. Is it still Bombay? To get this level of program performance, a person used to have to buy a Ford Pinto.