Monday, January 15, 2007

Picking Winners is a Science

Experienced sports analyst that I am, my skills at picking winners were nevertheless seriously challenged this past weekend.

I picked New Orleans over the Eagles because the Saints were wearing all black uniforms. And they got style points for the gold helmets. One for me.

I took the Bears over the Seahawks because Chicago's uniforms looked black. And Seattle was wearing white and blue which is so WEAK.  My choice of the Bears had nothing to do with living in Chicago either.  Another one for me.

How the Patriots beat the Chargers is a mystery to me. The Chargers had everything going for them, from speed and size to dark, nasty uniforms. There's just no accounting for talent. Subtract one.

Which brings me to the Colts.  Based on dark or red uniforms winning more often [a statistic I cannot prove] then Baltimore shoulda done the deed.  Didn't happen. Subtract another one.

Next weekend, we've got two teams in the AFC championship that usually wear white and blue playing against each other. I'll pick the one that shows up with something darker. Patriots have a darker blue than Indy in any case, so for now, I'll go with them.

As for the Bears and Saints. Very dark blue versus black.  Hmmm. Bet Chicago shows up with orange jerseys next week. Orange is almost red. Red beats black. [I wonder when ESPN is gonna call?]


screaminremo303 said...

It's a fix. The NFL wants Peyton in the big game for ratings and they want the Saint's in for hurricane sympathy and lots of B-roll shots of debris and tearful memories. I haven't figured out why the Bears are still in there. Maybe they're just scared of Brian Urlacher.

We're all scared of him.

mombzbe said...

I'm just happy to watch.
Especially when I'm watching Tom Brady.


ber144 said...

I think the orange jerseys are only used the game before Halloween.  I liked the all-dark blue unis they wore for the last game against GB but I read they can never wear those again (that Virginia McCaskey is one tough lady); The Saints will have white jerseys, but will they have black or gold pants?  The Saints have better helmets, but there is no way they could have more cringe-inducing fans.  I wonder who Mr. Blackwell is picking?