Friday, July 1, 2005

A Great Idea or Big Brother Breathing Down Our Necks

Maybe you heard about this on the news: 

"Last month, Florida and Oklahoma passed laws requiring lifetime GPS satellite tracking for certain sex criminals: repeat offenders in Oklahoma, those whose victims were under 12 in Florida. . .

Unlike an ankle bracelet worn for house arrest, which alerts authorities if the wearer strays too far from a device connected to a home phone, GPS works everywhere. An ankle bracelet and a transmitter worn on the waist send a continuous signal to the parole officer's computer. If the wearer ventures into "exclusion zones" around schools, parks and playgrounds or out of "inclusion zones" such as his workplace or home, the device sends an alert to the parole office."

About a decade ago, Mrs. Linklater was working as a battered women's advocate and she had a meeting with a former LA police officer, who was an executive with a security company.  This company, among other things, provided a panic button to battered women with orders of protection. That way, if their stalkers came within 100 feet, they could press the button and the police would come.

All she had to do was carry a purse size receiver, which was a little inconvenient, but at least she didn't have to be a prisoner in her own house. She could go out for an evening and feel that help was always close at hand.

But what intrigued Mrs. L even more was what else was also available. At that time there was already a GPS tracking chip that could be implanted into an offender, so that he [almost always a male by the way] could be tracked 24/7.  The chip is more advanced than the bracelet being employed now, since it can be inserted into the body.

But that wasn't the best part. If the offender strayed, a chemical in the chip could be activated to render him helpless. But my police officer friend said it would be long time before they could implement that technology.

Apparently not. GPS tracking is here, in bracelet form. Can the chip be far behind?

Which got Mrs. Linklater to thinking that people with medical conditions could benefit from a GPS chip.

Suppose you have diabetes and you go into a coma.  Your GPS tracking chip can find you and send help, or even release the medication you need. 

Same with a heart patient who suffers from an arrthymia.  Or anyone with a seizure disorder.

Or say you're an old guy on a date and you forgot your Viagra. Your pharmacist could activate your GPS chip and the night wouldn't be a loss after all.

But for now the idea is to just keep track of the people who prey on childen. So they can't hang around playgrounds and other places where kids play.  

Heck, why not have the bracelet electrified so that every time they strayed out of bounds they'd get shocked. And shocked.  And shocked.  Until they were back where they were supposed to be.

Mrs. Linklater realizes that the GPS tracking smacks of Big Brother Is Watching You. 

As long as it's for the bad guys and not her.


suzypwr said...

Clockwork Orange - it gets my vote for sexual offenders of children. If only we had an amenocentesis (not a chance I spelled that right, is there?) test for pedophilia.


shaz19743 said...

Big brother type technologie is just like any kind of technologie is an amazing and useful thing with boundless applications when used in the right hands.Its not the technologie that scares people i think its the thought of who has the power to use it and for what ends that scares the bejesus out of the everyday joe .
Mind you as with the impending introdcution of compulsory id cards over here in blighty i always think if you've nothing to hide then you've nothing to worry about ........nothing that is as long as the powers that be have ethics and are trustworthy ...ahhhh sh!t there goes that idea i guess lol x

billierwilson said...

i think that it is a great idea for sex offenders that prey on kids! the penalties that are in place for these crimes are not severe enough!

dcmeyer420 said...

That shock system had been around in form of electric fence for dogs. I agree with you. There should be an invisible electric boundary for felons especially child molesters where electric shocks can be automatically administered if they stray. I hope you are mailing this ideas to yourself so you can claim ownership if someone is to cash in on them...  

myheartsaysso2 said...

Well if sex offenders are allowed to walk around on the street then this would have to be a good idea.. however I dont believe in second chances when it comes to that crapola.. they should learn the hard way then others might not be so eager to follow .. the same path.. you know in the old days didnt they cut your hands off for stealing and such? Well.. we can all think what would work.. these days..Do you think anyone would do more sex crimes if they knew those were the consequences? Ha , think not..
Anyway.. its a great idea though.. the implant..
:) Mel