Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Judge Judy Accepts Supreme Court Nomination

Just thought I'd give you a heart attack.

But author Kurt Vonnegut [Breakfast of Champions] thinks she would make the ideal candidate to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. It has been noted that Vonnegut hasn't written much recently.  Perhaps from watching too much TV.

The Chicago Sun-Times has a whole article devoted to floating her balloon.  I was going to post a link, but the article didn't even make the online paper.

Judge Judy's show producer, Jerry Kupcinet, doesn't see any problem with the supreme court nomination, although he acknowledges that she'd have to take a big pay cut and court would not be in session for more than twenty-two minutes at a time.

Meanwhile, the real question is not whether Karl Rove outed a covert CIA agent, but is anyone going to out Karl Rove?  


dcmeyer420 said...

Judge Judy in Supreme Court? That is a great material for a lot of stand up comics and of course, Mrs L. Please do an entry on Judge Judy as a replacement for O'Connor. Pretty, please!!! Waiting with anticipation...

gaboatman said...

You do like to toy with us, Mrs. L!  Now as for Rove, I think Bush is going to back this man and I am still scratching my head over that one.  Unless, hmmm, could Rove have been doing Bushes' bidding all along?  

robbush6 said...

I thought Vonnegut was dead, thus explaining the lack of recent material. Shows you how "plugged in" I am.

If JJ gets the nod, who gets to be the bailiff? Is that one f or two? Ah, hell, who cares?

shaz19743 said...

Karl Rove thats the guy who looks like a little peering eyed mole right ?
He gives me the creeps just looking at him nevermind when ya read his involvements over the years in "dirty tricks " campaigns. yeeuchhhhh !
Judge judy has a kinda cult following in the uk on daytime ...she always reminds me somehow of Dr ruth .....scary scary woman x

sunnyside46 said...

great opening!